Rhythm Flow

untitled rhythm flow

let loose the elements glow

that fabricates and seeds a’sow

around the fern were the wizards grow


the time around temptation so suits me

to succumb to a higher calling of the sea

it’s essence is so rare, developing my lair

in which the dragon wishes to ensnare


it comes to mind, that the wizard kind

are elements of nature from the blind

dark prophets of unwinding hell way

who take a tole of liberty bell


this seems that the battle of self versus dragon

is something that will always exist

the element of fire comes through Agni wagon

that brings the core to something that subsists


the atmosphere of my soul tends to become whole

when I see the stratosphere in the iosphere become low

yet the lizard who guisess himself in the shadow

comes and allows his torment to be bellowed


yet his wizard kind must be set aside

for the knowledge of the craft is ushered alive

white only to the staff that is ushered in rise

can’t denote the system is live


lets reverse, where did time capture self?

it came to my particular wealth of nature

that upon rapture, the chemicals released

and overflooded the mind with tension

it seemed that the ungrounded nature

was something that was around the sand

it came the the land through an existential uncertainty

this particularity of density revives itself in pretension

and comes to know the verse is something divine

of something that comes particular to mind


this time I debt I owe no one but my own
I have come and outgrown the many guises I was shown

it seemed so simple, so logical and swayed

that this time in comfort would settle in ways

my play of the day was in spite of the formula

but it came to be that the creed developed it’s own


unshackled am I? Or is this torch indifferent

of chemical time indifference of the coherent

it’s status of life comes through the low

but it also gives a ratio of combined flow

so many words, misplaced repeated

can’t you see the expansion seeded

subsided and superseded in natural selection

time correction on evolutions skeleton

yet the framework of time comes with elegant code

that shifts in color to prevent the bold


the coming of times will have a new story to relate

that answering confederation will supply and date

the harvest of beings around the light scheme scene

yet the path of chemicals change the serene

and prevent the light to circumvent

and alleviate the essence of compartment

yet what is alive right now is the sound

so I echo around and beat to the ground


LET (us) shift – A + + A

this new dimension will bring light

and now I end my sight




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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