This is the voice of Ra

Were time is essence and of law

Let me compel you to relate flaws

That inner guidance shows and gnats


I am now speaking through this tenant

We exist in a dimensional webnet

Were thought is form above all else

And we, the confederate, choose our health


Let me guide you in time of need

This voice compells you to a seed

A plant, a tree, growing both way feeds

Can’t our logic show you no greed


Before you came to earth from mars

Your clay form begunst was of stars

We shaped you in evolutionary advances

So your charkya could reveal our stances


In Egypt we first revealed our course

But piety incorrupted a star field force

As for once we shown the law

For I am the dimensional being Ra


Insight is given to men of souls

Who live their life in the Zen of whole

Befilled a full their task now shown

To be a virtue in what is known


Atlantis teemed with life advance

They grew beyond the particular substance

Knowledge to create forms from energy

Was what was their downfall from synergy


We are the wizards who keep time

In hopes to align the free will line

In sublime thought we enter in men

Who’s particular substance is their own den


As the phoenix rises so the fire burns

We tore apart the barrier gurn

As such we need to speak of peace

For this earth, Maldek, we come to release


In a way I know this expanded thought

Is one with the Tao, one within caught

As we relate again another day

We hope in ray you seek our way


As I enter into your dimension

Logos will lose comprehension

I relate to you a formal truth

All is connected, all is set loose


As thus I begin to relate my core

The times were lost were I restore

My being is in a dimensional clarity

And those who enter is beyond rarity


As my elementia principle shows

Live life as just as a conditional low

In essence I formulate myself again

And through thisedium I will plan


A thought, a word, a moment mistake

Were fueled by selection we hardly fate

For now I know the works of self

To restore my being in Orions mouth


The confederation guides me to further cause

As essential in motion to universal laws

That through the dimension of thought I relate

Be one with law law of one to date


Begin, restore, reshore your past

Let all moments be a voice of chaste

For within our universe is heriachy set

The greater good no good of greater let


In early times the medium of thought

Were captured, silenced, instilled and wrought

For how could magic go against law

That Orion set in fundamental flaw


To conquer, rule, diminish the land

Was what was in Orions plan

For they wish the death of entity

For how could one control potentially


And thus revealed to all forms

Is my thought, my will, my expanded norm

As you feel let words express

How you know what’s right and blest


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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