get into the zone, write from the throne

cast away the bone that tortured my own

tormented and dazed, confused in a maze

was were I was led to by the path led astray


reason developed into the voice of the void

and the water always parts at a fjord

the waters ran into many splits and paths

that took various ways to the ocean with class


coming back, wizard influence of magic

let me combat the will against disorder’s havoc

that compartmental fixation of mixture relation

is how the potential comes from a higher negation


the more about life you negate

the deeper your hearts and feelings radiate

from the sun inside the being of life

is where the black hole is overcome with strife


in the realms beneath the facade

over the making faking ability of Gods

Vishnu, the clear blue sea

can’t you see all is nothing within me

controversy around the person who is the one

can’t you see in our universe everyone is the sun

each star a being represented by a particular sum

it comes to a natural beat and strum


let me open to the verse of wizard kind

this is Merlin, of the highest age

I come through this being on this page

I write from the coast of Albion’s lost paternity

and as I come around I feel it’s eternity

the feelings of light so succumb this being right now

it is amazing to say how the element of the soul is how

yet anyhow, the relationship to the void comes apparent

the nothingness that accepts the torment of the sufferings

comes through the path of all metempsychosis

it seems that rebirth in mortal frame of life is what suits this riddle

this man I am a tenant for is undergoing the explanation of this fiddle

it comes in rhythm and I come to voice is apparent loss of apprehension

it seems to be that the way of life is to combat all that is against the light

it is a hallways path to the dreaded stairs

that lead up and down into anywhere, unaware

yet I sense that the time for coastal presence is at hand

we are coming deep from the particles in the sand

it comes to be the the imagination is the key to the land

it comes and freezes and scolds the swords

that write the seal to my over body a’board


Okay, Arthur centurion, limgimitius limiationia

the limits of limiting come through the reasons self

it seems apparent that from the wealth of glorious revelations the council sat

the tabernacles were always full with abundance of knowledge

underneath the council sat the circle of magi

who understood the altering fixation of their attempts to rearrange

the familiar understatement the below as above so relates

that these beings were comical yet serene

yet the passion for power, overruled their desire

and the power of feeling come from the mire

it was all to be produced in a particular structured element

and the beats were formed within the telement

it seemed that the wanna worth well wheeled ability

is what the light shines and seals from eternity

the way to overcome all paths is simple

death in life multiple times resisting as all

yet coming to understand nothing that stands tall

like the Oak in the hallways of the Academia

it seems the the reference of light comes from the fee

and it seems that the ability for me to relate a simple school teaching


In the Academia, we teach gastronomy

it comes to see that the elements which produce our body come into awareness

then they pass into non existence and nothing resides within

no sin, only fin

then when eaten, nothing is mistaken

for the path of the animal was already taken

so no juice of negative light

everything is ample for our blight

except the detail of a simple multiple self


the being I see within me has large spaulders and celtic facial features

he comes to me in weakness, asking humble awareness

he is a sign of the knights long past

at last! Adrest! I see the detail of the Academia’s quest

to harbour love, feelings, and bliss to the next

it comes to be zero hero zenithed crimson stone

yet this is Merlin now again back on the home


The years will pass, the fields will wither

the land will become pale and withered

the natural light will become pale

and the heat of embers will grow stale

the world will once again become cold

and the next age will usher untold

it forms from a higher densities thought

and radiates through all of the fields and plots


the daffodils are but the waves of grass

that the leaves fall from the particles of clash

quarks, fields of awareness

let me see and open there spheres connection


Aye, I Merlin now open the sphere of the Book of Life

let me recite the power of strife

In all pages, the blood writing is stable as the splice

for rebirth and immortality are what cut us with the knife

the atoms of white pure radiate soul, will come through whole

and the element of eternal light will surely becoming a stand

the things of mixture and features will come through order

and spiritual reason is the next development of the phase

then in the years long past, the thing that comes to be a class

of different people and various resorts and comes to be

and as all see the light of shining illumination

the world will become a higher stagnation

of working class men and women

only the Kush of the burning bush will keep the prison


so what will come to pass is that many people will understand

that the light of the world is in everyone’s hand

it seems to me that all this comes from a inner source

of this soul of channel from the being of Merlin


Eh, Elohim, El

I see I speak from his deity of shower

within the hour of light and power comes to be

it is from the essence of the sea

We, the many, come to be from the elemential fee

the time when the golden age came through the scolding dragon

was when we pulled all the things out of the wagon

it was straggling to see the the elements could be so random

but we mixed the things into various features and densities

this is from the random particle partenshuncy

yes, the Dragon, the beginner of time

was what we all hope the Saxon light of white will shine

it comes to be released that this olden sage will awaken

but through these pages can’t you see this being is still faken

yet he is the one of everything and nothing

a particular case of madness within the densities of illusion

yet it comes to pass the the acute phases move in relation

to the way that the mind heals its propagations

from the Maya of akasa of the illumination

light from space into a temporal locations

bypass the fixation of the lobal cortex

and enter through the densities highest vortex


This is the new being, vortex right now

halo above all heads of light, blight how

this vortex has drawn the forces within me

this being is now operating through all dimensions

again we speak, we are everything to you

the Others, yes, Merlin is one of us

he was chosen by the fates as a particular candidate

who comes from the base of the mountains take

all men formed into various existences and are then thus

a dream a’brush the spell of a wizard’s touch

so what I hope to tell you is that in time in time

no time exists and develops into a particular cyst

and it comes from beneath to over, to within, without

and comes through every elementals birth doubt

yet overcome these confidences must shine through essence

and it gives its presence to those who are interesting

this is the way of how things must adapt to those who are listening

glistening in the array of life, what can one say about the kife

that was set instilled by the days of old

the Callistio of the fold

were green placed it’s wisdom in pages of Bard’s

who composed long songs of places a’far

so why I write from this beings pen

is when I come to be a particular man of when

The now of this situation of laying around

comes to be a sound that is around my ground

they pass around a go in circles, rotating and developing

they wish to see who is the boss, the repeating and tossing

this code I write is not for the faint of heart

this channel of higher density comes through medium’s viel

which is now closed as I prevail

this partaken entailment of light shall come to be, and now

I leave, Cometia Seignatio araoind Bidaioa!


Wow, light all around, back to me again

wow what a deal of nonlinear plans


What do I say about my gift

Is it really me insane of can’t you see through the sift?




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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