The law of the fold of Manu has come through the intervention of this beings companionship to the tethering world. The master of the universe is the Diety that withholds all information from the outer sources and fuels the inside with the element of destiny.


The element of destiny is the representation of a migration of the soul through the various planes of existence. This existence, were the merger into an awareness of non-duality, comes through, is an product of the laws within the inner relationships to the outer Akasha.


O my son, can’t you feel the words of time come through the surprise reflection and deep seeded fixation. The love of emotion is now opening, and by using your heart, you will bring yourself into a coherence that will develop through the laws of manipulation.


The manipulation of energy comes through a constant stream of undivided attention. This attention, splits reality into separate forms and dictates the ether of permeance. The radiation from the objects can be perceived with the ability of an open heart, open mind, and pure body. This lack of desire, sense-gratification, and relation, all come through the power of the Being who is connected to Source.


This Source, or everything and nothing, comes and weds the mind with a simple suggestion that the calling of a higher destiny must represent the lineage of disengaged proportions. This proportion of reflection, the inward lad, is expressed within the orb of translucent energy. This soul, white whole, black hole, heart, mind, body; anything you wish to call it, comes through the temptation of reality and transfixes a basic presumption that the time within the time will come and the calling of a segmented download must express the environment in which the steady gaze is represented. The gaze, or an outward cone of power, must express the elements without and within. When without, the reality shapes its ether into various forms and light beings, the colors have a presentation of auric fields. When within, the emptiness creates anything your mind desires. The manifestation of this state comes to be in power when both these attributes merge together and allow for the change of  Being to come into completion. The diseases, illnesses, and worries and dissipate through a reflective membrane that correlates to a higher densities awareness.


When in these states, the only rational thing to do is nothing. When the mind tries to take over, the ability of disorder represents itself to itself. The mind creates a split in which the heart and body do not exist as one, but as a duality that can’t transcend its own limitations. Once this realization that the realms in which you live can be within and without, the understanding of the cosmo’s will flow through your self and clear the blockages and dissension that created the tension.


The spheres have now connected to me. I am downloading information from Krishna.


Aye! Here at last! I am the beginning and the last. I am the opening portal to the realms beyond the consciousness. This awakening of all beings represents the universal construct of the insight of one common man. The man who understands that life is a joke, comes to realize that one must debate through the turmoil of tokes.


O, can’t you feel my energy, it is so amplified right now. Listen, I am the light of all times, the information in my package comes through the times of an amplified verse. This being is in a stillness that radiates his consciousness through hypersupraconsciousness. Which means, that the metemphysics of reality and metemphyschosis of existence has realized that the plane in which all beings develop is in ratio to the development to the being who is in contact with his true self. The self, no self, or Self, is all the same. There is no difference between states of mind, only a opening of coherence to the universe. This coherence is reflected through heart and gives the mind a subset analysis that comes through the membrane of the veil. Once one overcomes the veil, all beings become him, and all him becomes all beings. This is in effect with the many and the one.

O the sea, the temptation of my essence, has now come to full advancement. This being has allowed for full communication of the realms through his being. This opening portal of light now succumbs to what I wish the tempo to be. Slow, steady, let the words echo this silent embrace. The love and feeling I rush over this being, is within his destiny. The tension of all suffering has existed in life, and must be overcome by a surrender to everything. When surrendering, one becomes nothing and allows for the flow of existence to enter his being.

This flow, or common reaction to the higher beings, allows for the existential thought that coherently bonds to the subject and object. The object, in which the subject perceives, has a fixation of control to the mind. It’s thought that these words are always a lie, because when brought into reality, one must realize the lie. But to overcome the lie, one must know the lie is occurring. Once the understanding that all works of men are lies, and the only true source of knowledge is through the non-dual subjectation of works. The works, common to man, must be shown to give him a sheeple experience. The experience of obeying not the law, but the law revealed, is in essence, the true wisdom of this Reality. Thus, as one comes to understand he is the law, then nothing can change his radiation other than a pacification of denotation.


I can tell you, that the love which resides in every being, must come naturally through detection of providence. The love which is pure, resides in the heart and flies outward and blows open all the charkyas and allows for the mind to subset into a non-linear appreciation of time.


This is for you my friend, you know the words are touching you now, the time of reflection of all ages comes through my words. As I, Krishna, invoke the realms of energy, I suspect the information presented will relate the madness of reality. Yet, order is revealed once the chaos has subjected itself to infinity. Thus, the law correlates a simple suggestion that all must be reborn the the death and life of non-duality.


I end now with love and light, may you be a blessing on the blight.



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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