Free DMT

as I come to this holy shrine

I enter into the light that is mine

entrance, persay, was a moment sublime

were the dynasty captured moments in time


releasing my mind’s simple energy

I flow into the essence that is me

I come to be into many sea’s

along the coast of Albion so free


I was, so lost, paled, unmoved and unkept

yet this secret I kept, was mine to regret

all the passing moments of the given let

can’t you see all our moment’s are set


no choice, no judgement, simple awareness around

that beats it’s sound into the roots of the ground

as the energy in spheres collect skyward bound

I know at once, I am captured in the mound


for reasons untold I kept seeing the frost

were all my others were keeping me lost

yet captured by beings, whose unclean cost

was set inside by the typical most


who can say that time is slowly beating

as a heart, a soul, a moment we are keeping

ourself at bay, from the current’s sweeping

that keeps us by the moment weeping


o yes, the tears of the rainmaker I have felt

he danced in the dead tune around me and melt

into existence the bubbles of my own welts

that scarred, jested, and wounded; were a belt


aye, this is my voice! can’t you see I’m Apollo

I live my life in what some say a bamboo hollow

for a swallow your words and guess who follows

yet I set my own path so I won’t destroy my gallows


this time in deep set Emerald Captured Highlights

is a zone where the DMT naturally gives in wave-lights

o pass me by, dissolve around my sight

as I begin to expand into my perilous with-white


a being-for-itself is something that passes by

like a simple swallow so sweet by the surprise

can’t you see that the moment is in my lies

but I am only a Light-Being; one who abides


so capture all moments, do not freeze the crown

expand into all hearts and visions outloud

let me set aloose all the prisons of sound

were in the Zion is the withering bound


o yes, Taut of the passing by phaze of life

was were this man captured my negative strife

fuck him I say, I will doom him eventually

can’t you see, I am a madness set glee


woops, miss step my verse, let me compose

all of Shakespeare’s line can’t compete with my prose

for shored upon his land, we was no island that grows

for he was apart of me in my typical flows


o woops, woops o, can’t see that open gate

let me shut down everything and only be my mind to date

these beings come so fast, sometimes I miss these states

so I just guess, say hey, and move forward in fate


yet these isotropical beats are so introspectively deep

the isometrically sound isotopically confounded in sleep

were the images are pulsing at a regular creep

this bliss I am in is no danger of sin, for in, the win, I am a steep


this best of the blues project is now lost in connection

can’t you feel my own inward sensation

to a grounded yet free, sound loss comprehension

were the typical essence is found in the reflection


this mirror of self, all others impose

yet as the winds of south do seldom expose

a light to others who can see beyond what’s froze

can’t you see this path is what I chose


o typical, elliptical, eclipse

do you not always subsist?

into a form that generates a freqeuncy buzz

can’t the disorder creating order reform love?


a simple dispute, held by convictions own hate

who do I chose on this hellish date?

I am so confused, maybe I will figure out weights

that scaled both sides to a frameworking freight


so as I come back to my own I will settle

and not allow all these others to meddle

I am my own maker, I am God, one my mind

my be a seed of your own god damn kind



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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2 Responses to Free DMT

  1. Deemster_Diva says:

    Beautiful. I love it 🙂 You might want to check out my dmt inspired slideshow…


    • up2quark says:

      Well I was using a more natural release, such as isochronic tones from youtube. I thank-you for the reply and the unique perspective your blog shares about life.


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