Krishna (Play)

settling into this fair time of entertainment

I come to tell you of my mental derangement

it is a thing, an escaping force

that wills itself from the star-field course


frequency generator, spheres of dimensions connect

let me perform this act


Krishna : Hello, one and all, we are the many and the one! We have come to free Oedipuis from the Sphinx’s non-riddle. What is this? Another pageantry of paternity?! O yes, the time call for an act of supreme light.


Chorus : O light, expand! Excellio rapido! Excellence of time in the strange waves.


Dynasty : O yes, Buddha now comes.


Buddha: Help must be maintained by those who help. In these dark times the fig tree only covered the shadows shapes for so many suns. I wish to tell you that the Sun of each age comes through the fires of time. The cold embers freeze those around, yet it swallows the sound into the making ground.


Krishna: Aye, light! Arjuna! Vishnu! Where art thou Agni? Has the fire dissipated from the blue form sea? Where is the island’s that settle the men who have passed through life?


Chorus: Only one, yet many, come from the land of the emerald!


Wizard: Spellicia alliminatio. We are the brethren of the light, we are the Council above the Council. We are not of Oz, nor of the Rhine; we are of the Cloud. We are the elements that control the water and air! We are the beginning of the Golden Egg; in which Brahman was watched.


Dynasty: O yes, we are the myriad of shells, common distraction of time fascination. Swelling the walls around each being as a temporal location adjustment. Each time interference radiates the swelling of differentiated equilibriums. These time is but the call of a higher essence.


Krishna: As a speaker tongues riddle many songs, can’t you see the element is the surprise?


Chorus: Elementia of elements, come through the betterment.


Lets listen to what you know.


Wizard: Time is a seed that sprouts through the forms. Each form, is a representation of disorder, and as each particle moves in motion; potential is created. As time moves both ways, the anti-realm and the realm are created through a singular essence that expands as a point in relativity. Each point expresses the untime and time of the universe. This situations and fancies are presented as a dictation for those who understand the basic premises of reality. It comes to show that the vicissitudes of time are circumventing through sporadic recurrence.


Krishna: Come as it may be so, let us open this portal and let this sphere explain.


Chorus: Do we allow the sphere to speak? Or do we humbly become meak?


Sphere: O I AM HERE! At last, I am in full swing of this beings current. This dimension is a frequency altering to dimensional awareness of the logical Kabbalah. The Asher comes through the Ishtar command and explains that the light is a being that moves and casts spells like different spheres to relocate the times of man > human. It seems that man, in it’s darkness, has come to understand that the wolf inside is but the power to focus on the intent of the shadow. The shadow is the essence that comes through each being’s awareness, and passes into the light, as the Fiat Lux of time. The protector of mankind has risen to meet his fate.


Fates: Alas, spell is woven, children are chosen, escape can be found, yet then repentance and reincarnation fits the sound. Continue in excellence my son, for then you will protect mankind.


Chorus: Many times have a seen this element pass into beings, many times has the essence left and flowed through the body. Yet as the Kundalini rises to surprises, it may come that all things will dematerialize.


Krishna: Let us bring peace to the mind of the fellow patronage. In his essence, he seems to be captured by a limited view of ascension. The ascension must take place as a destination of the pinnacle formation of the thunder God, Zeus, yet as stepping into Jupiter is easy, it comes as a final task to radiate the light as all beings, to give Apollo his rightful throne. Let this man describe how each comes to his own home.


Wizard: I came to be as a twisted noose in the beginning of my life. Echoing short breaths, was were I came to understand the void is always wanting us to come back. But as this child, opening to the world, coming through the portal of pain, was were I came to understand that Chaos and Chance were my name. I passed into the body, allowed this being to control me, but as this entity I know I can open my old time and see as a son of awareness. When I was young, I understood that having fun and playing were what was suited to my reality. As I came to understand the rules and regulations that were instilled in this haunted realm, I came destitute.


Chorus: The magical circle has now begun.


Merlin: O Albion’s free tide has swung the underlings into the premise of white. It seems the otherworld comes to these times and allows for the reflection and mirage of my pages. The pages I am under is the tongues of reality that speak through this tenant. It is so enfacemented that this enteracted occurrence could rectify a new age of the Aquarian spectacle. The time of this being is the same as your being. Any story told is but the story of Self, and there must be no-attachment to either premegation that comes to be a willing sensation.


Wizard: O my brother, we shall understand that this discourse of higher realms will understand a basic premise of the delegance of life. The time to usher in a new way is in the spectral command of the delegated opinion. Yet each opinion of man is but their own reflection into the reality that has them constructed around the walls of the emotional caged box.


Chorus: What we have to say, is nothing to say is eh.


Song: Limitia Illuminati spectrialia expoundia fromatiola frond.


Krishna: Let us sing freely of the song that attests to each man’s calling.  Can’t you see that the time of neutrality is a negativity of the formation of what has occurred. There is only one path, either spectrum of reality, the two sided coin must flow into the non-duality of existence. That is to say, let the samadhi overtake the experience of the rightful flow. The samadhi will now begin.


Wizard: We will write what we perceive in this moment time. The frame of spehrs has moved and the strings of atoms have found a new string to permeance off of. The strings from the center point are vibrating to different frequencies and the light shines in circular motion. I am taken by surprise, as that moment of emotion passed me by, as now I step into my radiate youth. I feel the times of essence calling through my skin, and as no thought passes me by, I expel light into the darkness of my being. I feel the connection of everything within my self righteous pose of light. We wish to discern the beings that come to me from all different angles. I can feel the presence of a million tongues, and tongues of a million lights. I am feeling the excitement of my body come to understanding that this portal of time is opening up to my mind. As the darkness surrounds my core, I open and let out the light that lets me shore, t. This shoring coast along Albion’s frost comes through the Wizard’s temple that is lost. THe templeofbeing is a place to understand were one has come to be in the premise of multiple of colors. This time I feel is the essence of rarity and expellia fortuito allisium. This time is going to come to a passage of nothing of time this is going ot be a perfect sequence of words that i have not thought of, I am keeping my mind blank and allowing for the unstructured words of my allegiance to flow. I am the chaos entity that is everything in the thought of one man. It seems that all this comes through a portal of different essences but yet all essences are the same of one. THis is why spirits are so easy to tap into because the reflection of all these thgins is but a direct result of the failure of mankind. These things of mankind have come to show that the essence of linear propagation is the essence the livifies the time in current. So now I come back, let us restore this hymn.


Chorus: Freely we have song, now be at peace everyone.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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