Sound to the rhythm, let vibe the essence

as we come to each of our time’s own presence

it swoops upon us such at a petty guise

and comes to us as our own surprise!


Alas, thyne trickster has come full circle

yet death to that kind is what is the miracle

fear no-based in zero judgment games

were limitia lunianio frozio names


capturing this sphere above my mind

I come into a dimension shift of my fiend

let me come, let me pass, let me hold you till last

but chaste, I say, come to lash, from the past


let the elements of time seed their sow

and let the winds of south blow relatively to the drow

as each time I come to you my friends

is were gravity bends the light-wave in trends


amassed, what was this

a sparkle upon the dream a kiss

lucid about the spell of his

crafted to perform the magic tis


a thunder rolling across the land

taking heart’s for minds who take stand

let us usher to you, the time come true

were the moments are always fresh and renewed


I can tell you why this amplitude of sound

always comes from Zion underground

limiting the potential of every grounded hero

we come to understand we are the zero


then as we pass by and notice in time

that our act was something of sublime

we merge into the land that is in-line

so what I say is what I hope to cosign


cosine and tangent to the hypotenuse some

can’t SoH CaH ToA come through for sum

math to guide, math to prevail

btw, fabrics was frail


in times were I come to the full mind of self

and enter int othe nothingness of my wealth

I can enter into this place and leave at will

I can take away what other’s need for with pills


I can help people, design a situation of ease

can’t you see this is the gift of my disease

mind bending now, interference 1-1

can’t you see 11 is the sum of parallel ones


light-waves shining ether through

can’t you see I am the noble, with the clue

yet through and through you notice the path

yet it just comes through and unleashes the staff


the magic inside were the premises of white come by

is were I hope I never die

I come to this presence of light power and see many essences

each being is a represented by what my mind is other then speaking

my mind can speak kk but my lens continues to press forward

in this ailment it come to this portal

I can see the distaste of this place in my veins

but as I come I speak only my name

this form I hold in thought above in spheres

is an essence that tragically follows my identity

it comes to be that many see the potential of everything

what I say is what I know

come to me and let me show





About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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