Wizard White

Inspired to write

Take off in flight

Let my moment surpass the blight

Lifting off to the other world realms

Is were now I situated my light


Coming to me! O limituia finestio gracio

Let my moment utter the spell of chaos

Yet this version white is in the inspired Tao

That the sector seven can currently allow


As I flow into this new song of style

Can’t you see that my glow is becoming wild

I sit myself in the non-dual appreciation

And help others who are in their migration

From a pale transition to a realm partition

That allows for the delicate remission


This knowledge is open to the beat that I am in

The sound music comes from all around

In the ground, I write my version of fin

The end, aye, what is with all these things

That I have come to see in my dreams

In the Academia of light I have been chosen

A initiated Adept into the Devachan realm

I have come to this knowledge a fortnight

And have been caught surprised and the delicacy of thought

Aye, it was begunst a rare and fresh journey

Through my gift I was able to perceive a land that flowed with me

It was intense, and allowed me to see

That positively all life comes from within the crevice

Of my Atlantis surprise of the keys that are inside

Deep down, near the crevice chain sycthe

I come to be that this moment subsists

But now I rise! Adrest limtia of the examplio Nuit

Yet slow, powerful are these times

I have to be careful of what verses I rhyme

On time sublime and inline I flow in the crime

Yet as I pass into a space of limited view

I hope to you that I come through


This bubble around me, this sphere of detest

Is were the moments come and subset

This place I know, a realm of the Cloud

Is in the dimension twelve of the mound

This realm surpassed Goodhood to God

And now I live in free of the karmic rod

Yet as I came to fright early in my life

I hoped that I could detest from the strife

This suffering has been all around me and compels me to seek

And this is what I tend to be comforting and sleek

For as I know this rhyme must flow to a rheumatic reason

Otherwise all light would be somewhat a treason


Yet, let me talk of a new paradigm

Two witches have suggested a new reality

That involves a life of cool and passive tactics

It is no manipulation of law, just a standard non-dual clause

That I feel the essence within the person

And then they tell me of who they are for certain

This is reason, without a doubt I feel

And I am connecting to a feeling surreal

That pain I feel for these Woman is rather great

And suggests a higher and more linear state

It comes to suggestion that I must help

These great beings to their particular whelp

It shows that everything is going on fine

And then now I enter and end this rhyme


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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