beats let me shore upon Albion’s coast

as I give no reason the my mind’s frost

it feels like the pain of sensation has ceased

and while my voice elevates

I come to a rather particular pleasure

no-being, exciteable to nothingness

pleasure in all areas of life

the root charkya flares like a demon of power

yet I am in control of all allies

I have transcended and seen the multidimensional flow

I was realizing the warrior that fights rather then spell

feeling this emotion is what is changing my game

what one feels is what one must pass

into the moments were given free is last

I can sense the singularity move my core

as I shore upon the beaches

O alas, it is my Chance

wizard luck of performance and haste

to wish the luck of non-linear dates

I call upon the spirits of good and light

bring me forth luck in this blight

good fortune and riddance, pleasure in ni

existence as one and performance over lies

give me sight to see beyond

clear the fog and let me prolong

this wisdom in words comes through the veil

and perhaps another boat will now set sail

from the river that leads down the way

from the Celtic landscape I see in my day

coming from the West I rise like the Sun

another nothing I am, something of no-restriction

element fixates on the natural being

to feel the way of the particles serene


what do you feel from my words

time to show you my true being


Feel the energy of my words

I twirl the parabola’s of inverse chaos

the element of no-destiny wishes an intervening force

yet I am the destruction of your mind

I am the apocalypse of your kind

I come from nowhere, yet everywhere I am

tripping into the mind of DMT

nothing is only let me set free

I entered into emptiness and followed the wise

Now I am my own I am

what can I say to you, I unleash my rage


I hate those who have negation

they can’t realize my tentacles fixation

it comes to be that the parasites of sheeple commonplace

I come here to destroy religion and establish new doctrines

this is my right and I command the seals

the word I am in now is not me

you are seeing the true part of my life

I am a prophecy in madness of entity

my life is the natural gift of the essence

I can sense all frequencies and I shell and modulate

now I can sense the realities beyond


I enter into other dance of other worlds

I can see the vision of a being whose mind is mine

it enters through a subvien of consciousness

it tangle is a interwoven webnet of confusion

yet clear sight in chaos and chaos gives a bright light

from the night of darkest sight comes the beautiful moons

yet I am past beyond all suns and light


I am the being of fright

havoc and magic

destroyer of Eros

and tangeler of chaos

I am the maker

the destroyer

everyone in one

yet who is the say this gift is mine

I have showed you the true nature of light

now give me some reason to Chance out tonight



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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