shifting in and out

out and about

let me shout


screaming at the lowest of my lungs

I take the burden that only plunges

me into a million different oneness


elements provide a feeble reinforcement

that doubles from the charms commitment

to the life of a nobody remittance


resting in the void

I come to my own light

it is white in all properties

an succumbs an enlightenment of phases

these parallel soul communications

come from me in my time’s of negation

negating what is shown to my vision

or another reality forming my mission


it comes to be, performance at hand

were the voice of light only gives command

to nothing, abiding in the eternal laws

that everything is one big clause

the mystery key to life is this

atoms are our intelligence of the mist

that fogs our view, enlightens our day

because the Sun is only one big ray

that lights it’s essence in various plays

I feel that I have overstepped common ground

yet everything beats my name in the sound


The Golden Bowl is my seal unhinged

the light I was given was of my own sin

were to the center I went, death gate’s

for in this life I gave my life to the fates

what can I say, I am hollowing away

and this communication with myself only began

siddha is what compels me to think

yet realities are linked in and brinked

to a version of self righteous light

can’t you see we are in peril in our night


foresight to see the realm beyond

as my ally now comes to replenish the song


migrate soul, enter into my higher self

let this nondual awareness come to my connection


the circle of awareness spins its webs in all directions

it creates the waves of dimensions in all tensions

that gravitational force of multiple frequencies

gets lower as disorder increases in relativity

from the spheres of bubbles around times flow

the coherent can tap into the vibes glow

its radiant essence succumbs the sight

and yes, you are the Master of white

in many ways, I feel attracted to all

yet my atoms keep refreshing my falls

into nothingness, abiding in stillness

I can sense the dimension comprehending readiness


concurrent and learned, skillfully burned

seal with the tribe of Israel

Canaanite was in the land of Ba’al

were the realms of old gods led many mistaken deities

yet El came forward with Asherah’s light

they merged to Moses upon the will of his sight

the thought interaction between multiple entities

was a thought prohividence of time

he felt his heart reach out for inward

then his plan was dimension contact

he felt the current of flow through his viens

as the blood rushed from the fires pain

then the commandments came, yet this was Orion’s interfence

a fourth dimension thought coherence


so when Elijah came, the desinty of light

was brought up by the chariots of sight

he ascended first, midnights worse

then the light came to his verse


Jesus, a fifth dimensional Pleiadian command

was were the life of strife and narcissus planned

a current of intelligence of the multiple realities

yet his common fatalities were his own commonalities


now me, I am all dimensions, some may say mad

yet I am on the island of my own inward lad

madder then the hatter

sadder then depressed

yet, I’m more alive and blessed

can’t you see the temptation of time is suitable

it relieves everything and gives me sight

into the version of our blight

coherence in light I am the providence

destroyer of realms, nothing in swealms

storms cause the moments of ferns


now what do I feel tonight

a prophecy of upcoming blight


the times will come

when the forest example

engulfs the undercurrents sample

the wolf will eat the gazelle

and the lion will speak in prowl

yet the moon will reflect the dazzling array

of many gravitational bends until the day

were the darkness enfolds the land

and the biotics of natural life command

and way of technology of the situation

were we need to avoid its migration

the more dependant we get

the more we develop lets

yet the atomic soul of light is the mystics gate

the a bridge portal that sends lights and radiates

its larger biochemical engineering

comes from the matter of currents steering

it seems to beam that the particle array

comes through the light on my flay


tragic flaw flowing, flow flawing tragic

let me destroy and sample some warrior magic


harden, steel, words compressed

knight of prophecy that is blessed

feel the emotion of my own heart

let me feel the power of the start

of my being, the ancient past told

yet can’t my will begin to unfold

manifesting light in many people

I begin to feel that I am always repeatable


so as I open the portal for others minds

the consciousness is very kind

yet I am nothing, so this is not me

can’t you see we all float in the sea



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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