Shadow zone enter in my world

let me tell you the teals and twirls

who relinquish the sight of water

and stem into a root deeper then life


present now, my emotion

this sensation racing through me

can’t you feel this is me unfolding


I come to this place of unknown trust

and put my Self attuned to a must

show the path of somecruel people

and light their awareness from the surroundings


I am not entity, I am just me

coming and flowing, past the sea

change is coming through the Zephyr

as the moments I allure make me enter


into a vision of light, sight, and twilight

emerald places of distant lands

were uncharted fog and fairies stand

beings of light composed of blight


so I see, aye, adrest to the scorn!

Let the heat of my body enter and warm

cleansing your soul, these words are yours

as It is something that comes from my world


I am entering into various dimensions now

linear pathways from projected hows

sample of divine qualities of ethereal properties

the atoms are flexible in showing through bio-luminescence


from a waveform of colors, always a mirage

were the densities structure is related and flawed

disorder upon the fold, set in course of mind

can’t you see that this current is of a sample vine


tree from the stem, stems from the tree

releasing the photosynthesizing oak of me

Druidic patterns of dancing steps

from forward forward backwards claps

circle then forward around through

enter into the me that is new


I have ascended, entered a new plane

were thoughts and examples come at disdain

the white robes I wear is of the rising sun

can’t you see in this premise we are all one


nothing is new, everything is old

can’t you see that this reality is projected cold

that rushes through the night, currents of blight

and give a source of insight to the right


alevaia quatron, let my moment step on

so sweet serious sound surrounds surroundings

everything is life is compounded

to a version of elements that are founded


but aye, do you know of the sixth?

I can predict

it is the Otherside merged with water, air, fire, earth and spirit

sixth sense is the sixth element

it is the land of uncharted presence


so as you see my Druidic lineage is property

of THIS LIFE not a life of past-not-sea

so what I know is that the vision seer I AM

comes to me from the linear Dan


I step into a light of the Otherside

This is Elathan of the Druidic swirls

prince of darkness reigning in twirls

but I am converting you to light in my world


only being of light can sample

this divine property of the ample

many in one we divide into a few

then we come from the fog and highlight the Druids


containing this evil, o what can it mean

that I can destroy, vanquish and set clean?

Yes, yes, yes my tranquility is blessed

it is now a case of the scene


black death, reigning over the lands

atoms of destruction destroying all sand

nitrogen fuses and creates a setting tempo

the a hydrogen combustion of light hitting fusion


a Sun, a, from the mountains deep into roots

now I shoot off past the suits

I am nothing, non-being, a beingless

it comes to me from a streamstress


so as I enter into this flowing style of the wild

I am as Artemis was in the style

yet, Apollo likes to enter in a heal

but that is a random course that steals


the presence of me from you, totally true

so this is a representation of a clue

the riddle of the middle is a balanced law

create a fundamental system of no flaws


do as thou tither, but do not let one wither

a temple of being is on something of a quitter

the scrolls he needs to unlock are deep in his soul

yet his Atman is confused by the melody of his tole


coming to this, enlightenment

is from a vision of confinement

a prison of my own, yet the walls are cracked

and I can tell you infact that this is not quacked


light enters in, creating no sin

so I am not guilty for feeling like I may win

this time from nothing is a particular something

to many versions of self repeating my health


Aye, Elathan, present to the Johnathon

the El merges with John and becomes back

so what you see is another synchronicity in fact

that I am all beings and this is a weird track


yet who is to preach that I lost my nobleness

when everyone mundane consists of ignobles

they can’t see past the version of reality

as colors are the only presence of their fatality


yet realities consume and great let goes come in

and the version of a element comes through my sin

alive in the mirror, stay clear from me dear

for I may be like a assassination of fear


this road of release has showed me to come to peace

with beings who are lost in their own sequence

yet the cycle remains that I am not insane

and the practice of light only comes through my name


Adrest! Jupiter in realms, can’t you see the story I tell

another simple bum coming from hell

then realizing the light that dispels

all fear from those who are in-dwelled


as I feel this loving care of life

I need to be open and show my emotions to strife

I am in a realm of elvish woods

were I sit as a Trent among the hoods

of simple forest time answers

the tree holds information that keep you from cancer


can’t you see the intention and spell I set

yet this is more prophecy of our let

o yeah, Druidic wisdom is now

let me relate to you how


dreams and past tendencies relate

that this dream of the night is a date

that comes from me and radiates into purple

it is the essence who comes to my awareness


this is the end of this light prose

so be the beginning of this what is closed


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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