Slowly I fade into the ambiance

blue mist of the pulse races through my core

mention this to me, would you rather float?

Or live your life by the sea


coming to be, affinity of alignment

can’t you see we are all changing

developing, rearranging, fitting the keys

unlocking the partition that is “me”


I am cautious with my words

for they spell many colorful pictures

of marigolds and flowing radiation

that waves itself along the wind’s breath


I can see the foundation of creation

it’s Temple of Light, aye, the first

was were the Primal Orb was located

and neh, ni, nil, it came to be void and stilled


oscillations from many densities flow

communication stood by in the region that moved slow

pacing the advancement, linear installments

can’t you see the non-linear is within


voided fin, rhythm that startles the spine

as we move down into a deeper vine


Grace, aye, my prophecy of the times

were your face must be held Golden until it shines

as light as a feather, you must be

as you float tither and wither along the sea

coming as to be, a being, captured in the breeze

that flows from the river of lake esoterica sleaze

yet placid and willed, controlled under film

was were the arrangement of confinement overwhelmed

the storms at night, brewing the fright

of a depression deeper then Helen’s fake blight

a soothing death, black plagued from Hades

O yes the colors were the Hell that was Shady

movement of time, colorful waves

was what is in the white that could only save

me from death, a particular stepping stone

but it unleashed the current of my throne

I have lineage, patronage, Saxon-knight armor

scale hard ridden bubbles of many diligent waters

yet I am the fire, the host of hidden desires

I am nothing, yet I must find comfort in the mire

that cages me from the calling Albion site

were this new gallery I see in midnight

it captures my vision, aye I see into

the particular land were the vision seems to

involve me, you, anew through subjunctive

it is alive more then me in the place subjective

yet this objective art is a liars particular frame

and all this knowledge never allows me to aim

farther then myself, currents of under wealth

but I am in poverty and give myself to help


but in this position, I will now be myself

listen to this version that I give to you


Weak, weary, wasted and wanted

I can see that the moon whispers silently

its Raven moves through the cold echo

standing in a reflection of remarkable light

the sources are aligning in the spheres above

and this music I give to you is my only love

but as I can come to this place within my core

it is never within or without that is without a doubt

but as I temper my own narcissism, I am without

when I come to my ego, I am within

but aye, can’t you see this government of sin

has captured the vultures who feed on their own kin

the food they sample, the “blood” they drink

can’t you see their inanity is at the brink

they think that they are in divine righteousness

but can’t you see all men of prophets are the same

converting all to Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islame

yet the path I take is particular to the insane

coming from the Otherside is whats in my name


so now I come to a world, a tethered system

that I control within my own feeble wisdom

this ignominious ovation is a common rate

that suspends me to think we are a particular date

that when relates, its compensates for radical fate

and it comes to state that the way for hate is never a way of a Saint

but it comes to the faint that the dainty of full of those who wait

and compel themselves to a higher lineage of mates


so what I can come to be, essence in all things

brings and sings to me, the various southern slings

mouths and arrows of arrangements shows

that linear pathways and seldom blows

have cast the winds of time a’sow

and lets the minds of wakers grow

so as the path of seldom fates

let us be a Master’s weight

scales that balance the side that steals

yet gives to those who need bread and meals

fixation of versions of reliance to the kind

make yourself at peace with your mind

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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