Night of light

Dream and think, and remember me
I am alive and moving within all the sea
the moment moving linear ways
has come to show you the light of this day

comforting rules dream to dissipate
love must face again the bright Sunday
and as the moon dissipates in the dust
so does our sight love to feel

yet as we come to this, place of racing thoughts
we expand into a whole that is never without
and it comes to be that the rabbit hole develops
into a way, a path, a cosmic star
so what I know is that all theses elements inside who we are
is but what is the essence coming from afar
this time alone in my blank verse
I come to this line as I rehearse
my mind into a state of nothing
black membranes tentacles fluxing
but as I know this state of path
I can see within my own linear staff

it is a light, a passer bye
that has caught me in this moments line
o what do I know
nothing in particular
but everything flows innate from the vehicle
that connects me to source
a higher within
yet all I know is this essence is not a win
but o yes, can’t you adrest the scorn
for heated in moments where we are torn
is the pace, the rhythm, the flow and style
that comes to me from the wild

so akin to trust
harbor light and must
be a peace of particles dust

so what I know is that this tale of time
is gonna start and role out online
so as I bin my fascinating vision
I enter into a prism of light
it encompasses my being, and it circles itself
then I enter through
the margins of time of dissipating
and I feel nothing residually coming to me
but as I float, aye, I see the sight of light
but it comes in various dimensions
o but what do I see
it is everything
O yes, the white splendor of light
is within my sight
it is a light of quite contrary nights
but I hope to alight the situation alright

so as I come from this astral realm
I am beyond all dimensions now
I have gone within
o aye, can’t you feel the shift
it twitches me into a comatose
and I write into a form that is own known
so what does this song stuck in my dream show
that I enter and pathways glow
but this light a tree a simple havoc
destroys the pathways of all magic
but once again, I have seen myself
in all faces no doubt
this mirror place of self reflection
is a torment of the ages collection

but what I see in this typical prose
is who I am connected to my hose
that speaks its mind in all kinds
of ways and particular blinds
the poets of past closed their eyes
so the visions could come and align
it is easier to see the light aim your darkness
but light must always be the memory
that complexes the mind into a blue second Sunday the shadows rear-rite the sand
and as I command
the light of hand
reassembles the light
but this memory of who I was
a Celtic flower
is the marigold that suspends
but I am not me
I am you in this light
but it is an essence of might
but what I feel this this place of controlled yet everything is within the fold
but I know that I can’t be within and without
I have to surpass both to those without
a pure intelligent being
so clean and wed in the minds place
as I trace the story of my life
into various ploys and versions and guises
I set up demises and catastrophes to individuals
but this resulted in a zero sum game
and I felt that I had to go inane
so what I suspected was that this place
of the fellow race
was a distant land of glory and stace
so what I know that this once happy land
was a version were light I opened my eyes and command
that communication of light sends forth rays
and sees into the soul’s eternal days
for blue and light, common blights
and coming forth the wavelength of nights
open my prism, let my vision enhance
to a version beyond all this matters stance

I am so cool that I am magma
I am so hot that I am snow
I am so ferocious that I am a lamb
I am so kind that I am a killer
I am so gentle that I am a wolf
I am so passive that I am a shark
I am so collective that I’m a loner
I am so particular that I am refashioned
I am so hilarious that I am stupid
I am so stupid that I am hilarious
I am so compelling that I am nothing
I am so enlightened that I am a fool
I am so foolish that I am wise
I am such a nothing of light


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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