feeling the cool breeze rustle through my voice

I am caught, in life; a petty guise of choice

ancient spirits rise! Let my spirit shine

as I voice you essence in my own time


We are the Elements

existing in all things we are present

as one spirals smaller, so the intensity rises

and this allows for the frame to comprimise

all is lost in time, were ancients come in line

feeling so present, pondering, plotting

is the next unio a common flocking

be at peace my brothers, for we unite

under the flag of Druid’s Hawken Circle light


we can see from this small essence of the fee

that the eternity is the collective rewind in the sea

one may go to hell, one may go to the river

one may go to another place as a divine figure

but it comes to show that this representation does not grow

yet it flows from the soft snow of my heart

and all atoms give a push to further start

in the beginning was the Order; a faithless spirit

a random man, chosen by God’s plan

he was in command of the Fates, destinies coherent

yet Jupiter wished to fix the webnet of distortion

as it comes to perform mixed emotions

it shows that it is in a nice common ground of worship

yet smiles, lies, tendencies and surprise

comes from us Elements who are living inside

Destiny waits for no-man

can’t you see that this is nobody

yet everybody is somebody so nobody is everybody

but can’t you see that this is logic free

were Elements combine and set through the tree

that rises and falls in submissive states

that particularly end on this Elements date


aye, back to me, nothingness now comes from the plea

I unite the focal points of monks of past

I see the white line shining orange their their chaste

the robes of silken frost represent the mind of future peons

but the destruction of mind is in the hearts plan

what one comes ot love is a particular groove of the elements

but when inside, the elements give no evil

only love of a time anew

this breathless death of life comes through oxygen

and proves that the light of time is information through what we breathe

this is the time to understand how things work

but it is my mission to plunder or fork

through the meals of my mind, the teals of our kind

yet unlocking the chasm means being uselsss

developing nothing in random madness

to total colalpse of everything in sight

puts my ease in a total system of light

o aye, adrest to the scorn

can’t you see its your light that is torn

I am the ember, the white glowing dust

that comes from the Nebula of Golden Crust

where the light expands in rays, and then collects in photons

and carry together a particular synergy until energy is collected

then it is harnessed through ample generators known as human

then when the pinacle of energy is maximized

on goes the higher life


unless, the black plague cetches you unaware

aye my friend, can’t you see the folly

that is in this life without a balance of tolly

what I can see is this presence of light

is within my own essence of the night

it comes with the dark, surrounds my core

and allows me to fix the gaze upon the storm

that is underneath, the castle walls

but it is faithful to the light of power

and helps show that the death of an individual is only mutual

but what is instructive is the element of destiny

comes to me, then see you fraternity

of destruction of followless fatality

thus ends the emptiness



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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