Moon, dazzling emerald of the night

flying through comets and meteor sights

passing wisdom of light to the ages

can’t you see my verse now includes you in my pages?


the wall is a inner depths of the Soul

I shared this existence with you in full

it’s whole was captured, hurt, and bashed

but I can now see that is what keeps me lashed


millions of thoughts, hearts relates; stops

breath stops, feelings come and crops

a picture of fields of willowing grass

were along the mixture is the clash


of two strong particles

defined radicals

who come to this planet to reform everything

o wait, can’t you see that means doing nothing?


nor Aphrodite, Venus, but Hecate the Wolf

who comes in a passive way of growth

understanding is an example of a being

who comes to bring me currents of my stream


why so afraid? why so out of fate

can’t you see that it is life in a linear date

were the hate emerged from a cool freeze

and developed into a raging breeze


time out of time, instilled and sublime

this line of crime is were I fell and aligned

how can this passive place be a wonderful

colorful, insightful, delightful, and electrical


aye, friendship, smiles and love

can’t you see the Moon still shine’s under the glove

it’s reflection and dispostion comes in purple waves

and the Anima reflection comes and saves


me from a powerful turret of ammunition

that tortures my soul, thoughtfulness rendition

there is no hope, only (b)eing vulnerable

where the magic of compassion is tolerable


but what is this, my heart almost left

and beat through my heart on the left

o that was a cool rhyme, but can’t you see it shined

through my passive electrical current to your sunshine


shining aloud, can’t you see this is my new way of now

I am gonna become more adept into the how

voicing my right in the currents of the Cloud

and setting the path of my life in a situation


slow down, let me feel my heart

I can tell you, shifting places

is now a new style of this proses faces

it gives into me a new start

and comes to be a particle that traces

many new things, particular races

that flow in the steady rate of the dark


fly, ascend, let this letter send

you to a new way that allows gravity

to come, to apply, to bring rarity

to a central point of trends

that instills the essence of our clarity

and this is what I find in my reality

that I must amend, make my soul extend


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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