Are you awake?

Are you awake?

Or can you feel the snake

slithering, comparing; at the lake

were placid waters come and provide tastes

of various liquid streams that flow tither’

along the currents of nature’s flow


Inline with the awareness of nothing

can’t you see the Witness come to be?

Forming in the mystery of currency

yet, aye, my son, I am the Master of Keys

can’t you see, that within everything is the stability

of an inner view, outer projected controversy

were locked in prisms is the consistency;

soluble substances


the solvent of the stillness, echoes around

and sets sails to the current’s, -waves, -a’bound

map of sky profound


o, were is the Island? Is it lost in the love’s embrace?

Can’t I see that within in a different breed we are common placed


Okay, my various peons of might and light

can’t you see the things without my sight

I see the formation of the being of radiation

combinations of relations that randomly brighten

the many of the awoken and enlightened

Expel, aye, spell into the forms of Words

that the Logo’s baits into various fates

just like the Sun’s Rays are set in fate for soil to grow

aren’t our lives a destination of non-dual awareness?

O wait, what about the Other-Emptiness

Vendetta Method of the complete

Where the Witness comes and see’s the geometric patterns

of a daffodil sailing within a breeze, – photosynthesizing

can’t you see, close your eyes, embrace within

and let the various destinations come to fin

example the Elect so you become your own suspect

of an Enochoian time line of Methuselah


Asherah, the Sophia Wisdom of El

The Consorts who come to bring Duality

Mother Nature is Asherah, a Tree; -being of the Sea

While El, the Love of One, – being of fire


Involved through them, is No-Me

That comes from my instilled essence

when one comes to Goodhood; – + Godhood

many of the One come to see that the part is greater then the whole

but can’t you see that everything is limited full?

Limitless to our own potential

were motion is moving pass us by while we are still

in the moment of the Cosmic Law

That is my Essence, I am the Universal Principle

Can’t you see that T(D)=C is the method

of all Universal Reason

Disorder to Order

Material to Spiritual

Matter to Antimatter

Darkness to Light

Illness to Health


All combinations move in the same

yet everything is bound to change

just like the rain that comes a Mile High


All these Delusions of this Illusion through Maya

come to me through the Akasa of siddhi

can’t you see that all this is just one movement of Being

No-Being is thus created, were the solubility of essence is dissolved

and comes to be a rarity that expels the Diamond Centrist

that lights it’s way into the densities awareness

by intention of relationship, evolution of the species

all these come to me through my connections

that give me unlimited protection of my own mind

these dreams comes to me in visions and sights

just like an ancient Seer of Light


The next Sage unveils the Law

So listen to him so you will not be Flawed

and come to BE by the inner clause

were the Middle Path is the essence inane

Omega to Alpha, Alpha to Omega

infinite to regression of progression

these lines of time come to me through the mire

of love that shore’s upon Albion’s coast


Far side of Nothingness am I now

Anyways, how is this provided in the claw

that sins admit to the fit the outfits the sift

of Atlantis that seeps through my glory


madness under control, can’t you see me withdrawal

from the emotions and essence of Self

but aye, now I can feel her, and my wealth is restored

my essence combines with her Love of purple lilies

and sets a unmistakeable flow of current of growth, -adminio




About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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