Pass rewind, let it shine

advance the essence that is mine

come to me to feel the power

of everything that comes and showers

and brings me into the blossoming flower

it is young, gentle, purple and touched

by the Midas Alchemist golden flush

the hate of nothing comes through everything

and gives me the ability to see logic

something that is reliable in havoc


the wind blows and rustles the grass

and as each moment passes

coming to be many lashed of pain

that must trust the suffering through the gain


o yes, adrest, come advance and be blest

feel my emotion for this essence so uncontested

contested is what is the true test

a patient from a moving Parabola of quests

during the night, the light comes and brightens blue

by the controlling presence of what comes through

my eyes can shift, see the pupil dilate

can’t you see I am no lying in my fate

o yes, young passion of twin flames

who come through the miracles of years of shame

pain, torture, elements of distortion

but aye, my brother, the door is open

can’t you see the Eros is finally croaking

soft is the mellowness of the final blessing

static, dynamic, controlling and teasing

can’t you see the purpose of emotions flipping

around in many circles and shapes upon relation

coming undone to become one

we feel the lightness of the Soul

stopping to feel the everything of my whole

I can tell that this is the element of fate

guessing you can’t tell the gate!


Unlocked, let me show you something new

this is my Temple Being inside my will

this is a scroll of ancient ones

this is the light of many lights and the sight is blue luminious fluriouscent patterns

coming in waves and formations of dancing patterns

lines expand and shine out blue towards a pink flow

the light above shines in globes of spheres around the tentacles

this is the reaching of certainty

missing me, can’t you see

that this is withing my vision


O yes, I can feel you in my awareness

you presence is so overwhelming

it comes to be that the lost everything has found

a place that is underground

but it comes to show that you must light the path

of your own substance

it comes to show that in this reality

the drawings of intimacy really control the person

but one must understand that the pattern of looking must be

she is so rare, jewels of shining lights

white indigo purple flavor of lilies prancing

of a dancing motion of circle trancing

shows that within is the coming of sin


end now with now passion within


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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