Enter the flow

let it slow, rewind and pace

towards a tribe that is in the non-linear race


I witness, aye, I see the nothingness

But, what surrounds the nothingness?

Is this everything; Other-emptiness

The remedy is vision to see within

A script lets you write without

Yet; when one comes to practice

Mastery is gained by the knowledge of Who

Yet Who is an artist who is it

Adrest; can’t you no-see

Towards the waves of fabrications dissolution

Dissolving, resolving, forming, un-forming

The light comes and passes through me

Yet, I am not-me; me, non-dual but one


As I begin to enter trance

I suspend but remain grounded in stance

Break; fragment; look at the pieces

Re-arrange, let entrance; combine the Nether

Were the world excites the hearing of nothingness

Can’t find this in your “BIG BOOK”


Yet, can’t you see the rise of the Druids?


I am putting all fragments into a condensed form

There are millions of beings who leave

But come back from the life

And remain dead until strife sparks a suggestion

Then the transference of elementia comes and flows

To a naturalia form of the radiation

Thus; all elements radiate natural radiation

Thus; nothingness emits inward to the space-in-betwixt


You can enter into the nothingness

By seeing the element in a formation

You can address the stillness and allow concentration

When the concentration enters a stillness

Reality dissolves, yet forms into waves

And the waves present a diction of colors

That formulates into the alphabet

Thus when the Word came to Being

It wanted to experience the lust of time

So the nothingness;womb of nature

“Came” to be by the everything

So when the merger in a duality presented itself

It see’s itself as a contradiction

Yet, how could the two evil’s combine to light?

A chemical change within the system resulted in the portal

That opened the gateway to within

Without became; and thus the Tree of Life extended

To within;without, no doubt


What is the Tree of Life

It is logic to feel through the Strife

Everything is returning to nothingness

Yet, when I enter into nothingnessless

There seems to be no echo; yet sound resounds

Into the ground, around, bound, sky’afround’


So; tribe, which one are you

I can see you in my vision of clue

Everything is suggested, yet thought arises

From not being me, I can see so the free

Can see through me

Yet how could they glorify the meek?

Who wonder weary and sleek among the mist

Yet atoms collect and splice the plane of animate

To re-animate the procedure of Elucidation

The geometry of the Universe is not at-all

How can one geometry explain the Multiverse?

Were all shapes proceed and recede

Nothingness, all beings a light; darkness illuminated

Deep in the Hell

Here I will foretell


Explanio(explain) aregento(silver) pecalio(peculiar)

helenca(Helen) oevia(non-define) le suminao(asteriod)


End into light.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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