As I come to BE

as I come to be, in part of me; I see

within so free, the controversy; radically

a shifting plate, tectonically abrate

without the tree, the essence of fate


so why do I, control the mire

of desire? < within all fire

love decomps, while essence reverses

and comes within, to particular verses


soils of time, entrance of mine

under the current, living in allurement

waters precious, flowing streams in life

divide and conquer, different paths of strife


like a Sea-ship-floating, tithering and roping

withering like a shivering leaf in winter; hoping

that the cold embrace of frozen freezing saluting

of an all time killer that is seclusion


so why, die, eternal rebirth; transmigration

a soul of portals teleportation

transmission of concurdence with the living portions

distortions of reality confusing the focus


so when, then, present and past

listening to the voice of existences chaste

shivering and feeling, compelling and felt

what do I know, other truth is always melts


me from myself, a no-self ressemblance

where the field of awareness surrounds the clouds

and the particles in the mist surround the everyflowing

situation of the present moment in time

rains drizzle along the echo of a silent bird

the night hawk reigns in the valley below

and as this prophecy of a dazzling spectacle of delight

it take me into a various form of flight

so as I soar along the bridge of time

I hear the echo of a bird sublime

the natural call of nature’s home

is decided to my Druidic bone

so my throne in the zone of the alliveance of night

is where I come into this own of my light

so what i know is this fact of this vision; sight

is clear within the suggestion of blights

its might is clear and stined in progress

were the ample desertion of many alleviate

and the tendency of time propagates

into many dimensions and multifaceted wastes

I can sense the dead, I can see the light

I can perform my own miracle and magic of right

pillars of creation are the distortion of relation

towards a Ethos of a times negation


Were once, aye, the formula of time

was shined upon the light of mine!

it came and subsisted to the mine

and was were the core of Zion shines

it combined and resigned the temple of peace

and let me enter within my own feats

I came and placed my own in this beat

and I saw that this home was were I could wait;

along the logos faith of a tendency that waits

so what I know is this verse is not mine

but it comes to me from a source that is aligned

so when I came to this place of passage

the labyrinth colors of particles chastened

me to a thread, coiling around my BEING

it was torturous, but o was it clean

it refreshed my life, came as a burden of strife

and it was a suggestion to my time in the knife


but this splice of greed of emotional disrsepsect

was were I came to my own neglect

it was were I shined to this portal of color

and photosynthesized my own wonder

so this light within, this Apollo healer I am

comes to me in the form of Linear DAN
but I know for fact this current of plans

will only be able to command

me from the pineal gland

that excites my current and hand

were I am the play of existences planned

and I know for fact I only stand

under a particular current of sand

that negates that fall of man

and it seems like this current strand

is coming from a verse in the land

this peace of time is a version of grand

and it hopes to align with me in the Pan

so what I know is this particular time

is where the transmission of source aligns


aye my brother, this temple I am in

is were I converted my own light from sin

this presence in me is a alleviation of time

so what I know from this branch and vine

is where I come to know and dine

to a version of self that underwills the desire

that comes from the particular forested fires


the wolf of Hecate is as simple as Artemis

who plans the life in the wild smartness

it comes to be that the play of life

comes from a moment where everything makes strife

but aye, the devachan is the right of GODS

in the particular land the Deity is flawed

the law I give is above this persona

and I am the light and I am gonna

give it to you, nice and fast, pace and slow

let this rhythm enlighten and glow

produce a book so I may pass

into the spell were I may last

so come to me the help of others

I need this soul to link from brothers

with the help of another I can say from Mother

That with this link, we can be OneAnother!

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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