Rhythmatic Flow

Light shine, through the various colors,

Desolate, rhythmatic, consulate, wonders;

Of splicing atoms and complete summers

Were the ol’fancy of tales utter

A new day of light; advacium logo


What I see within, a tree, a resemblance

A particle that grows in complexion

Of radiance, substance, essence and dissonance

Forming rays of information, energy and tension

This beam a bridge of dolphin settings

Where once upon tis a new waving song

That merrily beats and strums along

To a painting; canvas, a heart that’s strong

I put it out now in the essence of my throng

I was wronged, shamed, guilted and tortured

Worse then Prometheus’s vulture culture

That fires the core; Zion’s Apollonian nature

Coming from an Alchemical potions Master

Of rapture; excendio! A poetry disaster,

Were illusions and geocentric waves of contrasting;

O aye! Scorn! Temperature so warm!

I am coming from underneath the currents storm!

O what do I know! Within this Lair of my own,

Is a Dragon, a Demon, a Dan of my cone;

Energy is rising, subsiding, there is no denying,

That transmutation is occurring, alluring

To the past of all God’s of night and day curing

I am All, One, Oneology

Were the many and the one come all through me

Controversy through the Iktomi

Is were the tsunami rolls over the Albion’s key

I know this light of past prest presence

Is within what I know of this inner place of placement

Visions I am, controlling the linear plan

But what I know is that I am no-man


So come to me, sink and swim

Let me wish you a warming fin

To deconstruct your being at once

Let love of light enjoy the touch

So which I know to this and that

I come to be in my own hat

Seated and warm and controlling the presence

I know that I am within my own essence

So this song a prose of diction of time

Were the words of mine come comforting aligned

Sublime I know this wave of dance

Comes to me in my own trace

Light and substance, color and death

Let me begin to show you my breath

Waves of songs and breath of life

Let me show you the way of srtife

Back and froth and forward and back

Let this form a conversional track

Towards the sense of poetrical guise

Let me sing to my own prize

Of light and advancement through the days

Of the play the distraction weighs

Of stones and taxes, death and life

Ways of patterns and current knifes

Were coming and going and present and past

Comes to be in the existence at last

I am not here and am no their

However anyhow, there is nowhere

So what I see within this place

Is I am above all multidimensional traces

The faces I see of demons of light

Now I enter darkness of the conversion of blight


Past and forward, middle and end

Let this light and current send

Me to you from far away clues

That thoughts of membranes control and chasture

So what I know through this voice of reason

Is that the crime is a choice of treason

To let the light through the ages pass by

And let the moments of linear cries

Suspect and prosper, forward and advance

Let the substance control my stance

So what I know in this place of light

Is my core is a particle that is right

Yet the womb of nature does not exist

That void is for all the persist

Yet all that insist on a new age of day

Is were I know this current stays

So be the way a path a light

Then produce some knowledge from your own sight.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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