Moving, stilling, controlling, underwilling

Love is a gravity that connects all beings!


Love in-will, out-will in love!

Can’t you see that Jove is who is the Dove?

Everything under the glove.


Magicians of time do not lie,

Magic flow from currents divine,

Makers move from Sources aligned;

Movements make magic Magicians.


As I come to be my own Being; clean

I know that this place is serene,

Calmed by a presence that is a-beam,

of light, essence, sound, and streams.


This team, a collective Unity,

Can’t you see the Order is Affinity?

Of a Trinity that flows from the Triangle of Uprightly,

O yes, Transcendental is the almighty; Oneology.


Where the one becomes the One

The Kings chamber’s are the secret door; Dumb!

But inside my own light is where I find the Sun,

A key of Masters that is what is the Sums


A being-in-itself is lost to a being-without-itself

A being-without-wealth is a being who-is-in-wealth

A being-without-chaos is a being who-is-chaos

A being-within-light, is light!


Darkness rules ready demons of deconstruction

Mirrors that need to force Self-induction

Of a reflection that isn’t seen due to corruption

But alas! That lightium advances through seduction!


So as I be, free, me, essence rarity!

I compound every presence into a single formality,

Were the signs of time run under a family,

Collectively sought by those of insanity!


Can’t you see, wait, I have no sight

I have no ears, for in this blight,

bardo; everyone is dead but me; I’m the White

All objects are but a mirror reflection of my insight!


Everything is perception, perception is nothing!

So what does this mean that senses are something?

But as chaos instilled this light of things

I sing, bring, and loudly tinge of a haunty sling


South does seldom blow the wings of time

But North brings a bridge were the Hawk aligns

The time of the simple plain is combined,

with forces, supernatural, allowances of Mine!


This music of my soul is a Chorus

Can’t you see that we all our an immovable force?

That comes into Reality, subjects our course,

Then each favour brings and it will enforce


A new beginning, a panacea of the willing

Can’t you see that time is always thrilling

It moves from inward, outward, and conditioning

All beings into a semi-award transparent withering


Tithering, slithering, down the slopes of munchkin land

Can’t you see that I am not a man?

All is but the progression of the pineal gland,

Were lights infuses and particles dance in the sand!


So as I end this node of time

Can’t you be your own version of nine?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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