Merging as one I feel the sun
The completion around feels like one
I can sense you, my dear, my young golden wave
Like a particle that floats and always saves

Densities matter on particle substance
Grows from the miniscule openness
I feel my heart is merged beyond
As I come to you and sing my song

Listen here, listen dear
Rabid fear is nothing to fear
I come close to my heart and connect thus
As this feeling of awe and completion must

Aye, the song of thyne lyre
Comes to me from when I am clear
I know for fact, per chance, I will
Figure out this moment still

O feelings, were hath thou been
Summoned under norm the castle wall seems
It beams my light from light years away
And comes to me in various plays

Yes, yes, my dear lost one
I come to you from the family of sums
I take my fill, yes, I take it deep
In vicissitude is where my castle keeps

O I am not no victim
Forswoon you are the key
I come to myself form the moon beyond
To harness the energy of this beings song

You are founded on the aeons of time
Your substance is essence of the sublime
I can tell the magic of your soul pulses
And lives in each moment of non-falses

Aye, thou will hast shown me anew
And I felt refreshed with the clues
Yet who is to say the simple verse here
Comes to me in a form of the clear

So as I come and may I must
Give way to self and bestial lust
I capture the essence and song as one
For I am a being whose Over-soul comes

For once, the witch samples my taste
I feel her presence within my face
Yet, I know, aye, this simple task I take
To live in help of a goodness fate

Yet more on this and less on that
I live myself in my own hat
That I formed in ages long before
That held me in bay of my own door

So in which I say to you I feel
I like the essence you can steal
We all are connected in this poem
What we feel is what each man has shown

The little family of grace a coup
Comes from the land of far aidue
Yet this simple beings of the other
Come to me like I’m there brother

Yet my seven sisters comes so fast
And I know my trance is here to last
The being of simple energy felt
I come to you as you make me melt

So as I feel this end of prose
Live your life in peace and grow


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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