To the fairest man beside the foundation
Cannot you see the liberation?
It comes in time of field sensation
In which in which I cause you relation

O yes, my son, dearest glory contrived
Can’t you see the devilish guise
It moves to sound and comes denied
Yet I open up to my muse inside

Little chance there is for hope
I settle this score within my rope
That tethers me to a being so in slope
From uphill decomposition boats

Who can see with the third eye glance
It goes beyond the allness of trance
Beyond the horizon I can sense your stance
You are ready, my brethren, for me to advance

I slowly come to this world in chains
Yet as I come I surely give pain
Yet who is to say what I have gained
Is not limited to the selfless plane

Yet planes and orbs and celestial objects
Come to me within my subject
Reincarnated, I was, yet my sensible law objects
To a singular moment were I was blest

It come, o as fast as a comet
Racing through the skies typical webnet
It moved and mused to the skies alignment
And when I saw it I surely was beyond it

So what I saw that night in trance
Was a maiden who captured me in prance
Her selective state was simple and fair
It rose to me with a peaceful glaire

O yes Daniel, I am a maiden of love
I come to beyond your song from doves
I connect to your soul now my linkage brother
For we both spoke to same truth from others

Aye, my young one, I feel Aphrodite in your being
You are serene, as you keep to your scheme
Who can set against the motion screen
That moves you to the lovely green

But alas! We have founded the moon
The sun reflects half light so soon
Yet who is to say we may stay cocooned
As I know my moment moves so forswooned

Yet light, disorder, energy, entropy
Move to a particle synergy
Yet I feel this pressure glowing inside
So I must preach my self in last demise

My love of earth just has begun
I am a master under the sun
There is her and me both found above
In this prose I know I’m a sum

I can see beyond with my eye
The horse of fiery bats come flying outside
I know this beast is resemblance of Naw
Who comes from the land of frozen planets law

Yet as the beast moves closer to my heart
I know for fact I can only give start
To be at one with the element of time
Is what I move to this random rhythm inside

O yes, I can feel the temptation of light
It moves beyond in my eyes bright
Yet blight of right is the flight of gain
Yet sight and blight are a selfless pain

The eye that sees all these figures inside
Comes from the land of allness enprized
So as I leave on a simple note
Be at peace and love your hope


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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