Coming to this sound again
I feel the motion suspend
I move with the rhythm and tide
And flow my being to the everlong

Once again, aye, behoof myself
I capture all moments together
Without, within, all is alienated
To me within my clause

O yes, Bacchus, your everlong muse
Of Dionysus birth of Artemis
Who is the Diana of everything?
Let me say, aye, perchance I will

The test of feeling motion comes
This temperant change follows through
My will is guided by lands afar
And as I say, metempsychosis large

I am still right here
Holding on from the edge
Every force comes to me now
And gravity beckons my call

Betwixt the sound I find relief
But as I move, I capture naught
This presence of one, so hoptifies
And makes me the essence

O really, can’t you see
The myriad of Apollo
This son of Jupiter has captured
All of the lightning bolt

Fire rages across the Earth
And as waters cool the land
The raging torrent winds across
The ever growing landscape

New formations and dendrite relations
Come from the sound
No desire to heal I say
This bed of misery I am in

This path of all but one
Saturn’s call to times allegiance
So what we say to these presences
Is why I know I am in relativity?

The myth, the man, the mage, a legend
Comes through me once again
It is I and it is you
Captured in this land so close

Communication my brother!
Cannot you feel my will
Your praise will come in due time
And as the Nine recite the will

Self comes of love and psychic power
From the motion of the ballad
It is free of everything but many
Who come from the universe of one

Each universe is its own being
So this universe I speak of is mine
You are just a captured thought to time
In which I will always sign

So as I know what you are
You light waves of expressive light
Coming from the sun of home
In which my will abodes

So what I do now, repeat the film
The dark lord is perished in fin
Once I know for fact I am a wizard
And I come further from the edge

This edge I teeter over is but myself
Who holds all power in the void
I am everywhere and nowhere
I am everything and nothing

You are the same as me my brother
Cant you see the dim light in your mind
It is a concealed awareness of brightness
And the motion captures it all

This motion of feelings comes towards
An essence of oblivion
My words are elegant are coded
To release the potential of your mind
Schismed to the end

This fleeting moment is once caught
In thought I harbor your potential
It is within my power to grasp
As spirals wave around

Once lost, aye, once lost we were
To time in the illuminati
Yet as we were found, we came about
And now we progress the mentors mind

The waves of time come through
Our souls are in motion
This test of communication
Light fuels this fire

Apollo is the fire of the hope
It is the rope that tethers itself
So as I end this firmly put verse
I am compelled, are not you the worse?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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