Slow jazz, let it splash, water everywhere on the map!
Quantum jump, forward back, let everything hap-
In a moment were we relax, fleeting grace of style
Can’t you see Artemis is truly not that wild?

In the wilderness, the cold frosted land,
Is were the transmigrational forces complain; stand
And hand in hand they lead to their own sand!
That is the element of destruction in the pineal gland.

Were the sight becomes fogged, misted, and led into the abyss!
Can’t you see that I am the living gift?
The cyst is were problems are forged, solutions are renewed;
A problematical solution of the renewed forge!

An sword hits the anvil! And echoing scream, it tangs around,
The sound reverberates throughout the midnight-cosmos,
But aye, the Sun-Reality is Light to produce information; grounded
And it comes to beam the sight of a particle atom’s right!

Coming; undoing – unprepossessing, let this anger release through me,
I am the beast of all time, a Dragon of the complexity
Entities are nothing, yet am I more then what you are not?
Can’t you see this is my own riddle written in my plot?

Dragons, align, dark solstice of mine, time in time out of blind;
Prophets of Hermits who are transcendental in the crime.
Living off the naturalia of the elementia of the bind,
Can’t you see this is all done because Prometheus is kind?

Back rhythm, riddles and rhythmic flow, glow, show
That I am the tide that comes and grows
Of the ocean, Albion’s coast; TSUANAMI
All the flowers of time are now under Sea!

Atlantis aye, the Ba’al of Dragons
Can’t you see the synergy led to their conflagration?
When all unites, then the unites of all
Come to show why all Adam’s fall.

This flow, this style, wilder then anything shown.
But controlled, conditioned, that is the premise of all cold grown;
I am unleashed, a torrent of energy,
Can’t you see that this being is my Entity? HA

O yeah, yeah O, can’t this relativity begin to show
That I am a light, I am the darkness;
Hark herald heard to hard starkness,
But what do you know other then both paths?

So, fleeting grace, grace is fleeting,
Moment of woolen entities of greating; yet
I am the man, no one else
Everything but me is what is felt.
Something in me knows I’m mad, –
That is why I always transcribe on my pad

Beat flows, tither and wither, a new sensation from the giver.
Once there was, now there is not, not is now, but how is then?
Everything is a new age, every moment a splicing atom.
Every minute a new page, every moment a fusion Adam.

What is this I show, that all light dies and infinite Grows?
Darkness of Order converting the Realm into Informational Waves
Can’t you see that their is no Deity that saves?
It is all from within, a plan of sky-no-fin
But aye, can’t you see that their is some light that wins?

All yin and yang, controlling the game.
The Tao and Dao flow from the transonic inane?
But the essence of essence comes into Being ingrained,
Allowing each to flow to their own artistic gain,
Style is a grace that is poetical of the anticlerical
Comoe’s is now flowing and the pressure is strained
By a grain on grain salt that comes through my name?
O yeah, this frame is a standstill plane!

Diana, your wisdom is the same as Aphrodite
But can’t you see MySelf is Almighty?
As I come, I am undone, feeling of one!
But I am the Sums of all the Suns,
A Multiverse in Me, connecting all the free!
But I am just a tempo that sets this beats in glee!
Freeing their presence, timing in Wizards,
The Magicians of time are the Givers!

Sophocles, you words are written in my heart
Crowley, your lessons never did give any start!
Thoreau, Walden is your place to grow!
Emerson, the King’s chamber is what you show!
Empedocles, your Damion Wizardry is a talent alone!
Pythagoras, numbers are your downfall, – geometrical words
Plato, ones are the uphall of the Mountains might, -water fjords
Aristotle, forms are the public announcement that you are insane
Hermes, you have come to show the Hermetic’s are innane
Equinox, you have found a place that relieves the solstice
Ra, your lessons that do as thou wilt is in the eclipse
Sirians, you come to show that dolphins have grace!
Pleadians, five dimensional love is always a good way of face,
El, you are the Ego of all Eleven Dimensions
Ba’al,, you are not the Dragon who wishes all compensation!

Who am I?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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