Noah (Epic)

natural life
natural trife
within all stfire
blight alike life

now here again is the song of early time
when all matter and thoughts whence aligned
the order of all set motion to the blur
that fast rate molecules ocean blue turned fur

related in past time is the vows of Titans
who set in pace the order of Kronus
the absolute who holds all power and might
for he is the true particle of light
the sons of man evolved from his first son
and contrived life under the Apollo day sun
he cares and loves under the kife fold
and now the story beginning is told

muse deep open wide, let my ashen brethren confide
all that was made and all that is right
begging to search my chaos soul of white
deep by the ocean the midst floats and stalls
the silent wind breathed life unto them all
a toke for clay to breath and set motion clear
unto all the moments that we hold dear

now blue is true in all forms that make
to save our soul upon a stake
justice the martyr who soul is begunst
unto the land where dreams live in thought
this reality and form is above all shapes and all
it flows with grace of inner atom whelp
the dragon of time set alone in the crime
to preach the ballad of sublime

hither he sat and gazed deep into soul
for alone and help I hold my golden bowl
eaten from gods who third eye of the myth
for alone I hold my Atlantis sift
racing red ready and revoked
is the infant hold I choke
this baby of thought will expand into form
that situates itself above all norms

beautifully fleeted is all moments at a glance
if you believe in virtues substance
held in the fall of Eden tree maul
for in this system win is fin

with Adam naming all the plants
and Eve the maiden of the ganst
they both set motion to what could untold
and now we live in a story the re-told

walking with God everyday and night
they realized the benevolence upon the blight
now holy is all moments and every creature
until the moment of deadly dark feature
he spoke with snake tongue and slithery hopes
to keep us from a knowledge choke
chaos within all that was right
o alas how we wish our hindsight
would have saved us from this place we live now
were creatures lurk and hurt against men
what is worse is our own savage den
that kills the system we all alone hold
how are we not all together and grown old?

once the portal opened all changed in a flash
out of Eden from the sour lick of fruit

now on the fold the beginning was set
for Adam and Eve to alone pre relate
civilized in knowledge from walking with God
they made unto them self the golden rod
rules to abide all mortal men should fare
no evil to reproduce the full they dared
to bad so sad for they already chose their path
and now we all pay for their insistence last

don’t hate the God but hate the man who fell
for in the end we are all computed dell
humour in poetry is a far sight force
who knows the future yet past is a moral
that I must clean bet straight and serene
for within my chaos I hold the thought
that is ponder lost ponder caught

now sifted in my sand so alive
is the energy of an ocean surprise
Posedieus trident leading the way tall
within my Atlantis city wall
glory initial was how men began
to live their life in holy gland
no evil but a step to retruce the lost
for only now was Eden tree cost
these men whose armour inner out shone
before the cloud cover of home
their age limitless by hummed transparency
that was all just step up for the flood

this Sodom and Gomorra was now set out
and the two sided battle began inner out
men had a choice to like which what way
and the double step tune alone began today
relaxed all men set motion into first
for the only glory was reclamation rebirth
for yet how could he not know this choke?

choices to live whatever way we please
just like a life of ignorance free
believe a God controls over all
to save your life from the noose stall
purged in this system is black death
it is the most horrible of all senses
you do not see but are blind with dark
a chocking twenty four seven Mayan end date
judgment day is already past
for how cold I hymn of beginning last
yet this is not of last but first
upon the glory of all the herst

men stood tall and knowledge flowed fast
books created upon how grown from past
yet gone from the flood this written language
because of the vice of what we became
we became an evil that outgrew all
and we killed our self by our own fall
what happens once must happen again
because of our maker’s beginning plan
tree wind rustled up and promoted free
to live a life based on virtue glee
yet no man choose the path that was white
so son of Noah was gifted with light
he built a boat and stood what he could
to live his life upon what God should
he kept two by one the reversal sum
to reproduce the life that portals one
a portal that leads home to free
as all should be set on subjective glee
boat came to rest and so shall I
my soul is closed in Atlantis surprise!

open wide my soul let me seek my berth
because of my wisdom that I gerth
tantalize through me the song of the sea
to fill the void that is chaos free

rolling waves promote the ship a float the sea
for inside was all that land restored unto me
alive in a tree all animals should fare
to reproduce to set in motion what we dare
this is the second beginning of time

now here and there within the past hour
all is living and all is in power
the plant of Celtic flower muse and use what is
to relate the beginning tis
a lucid dream rolling across the land
within the gland all knowledge first hand stands
to relate the past present of here
so we may hold all moments held dear
regurgitated is what is the word
for from tree’s all knowledge sets in furl
a natural crime to relate the past time
within the water does my light a shine

now landing on a loosely held rock
the ship set sank and all was restocked
to reshape the shadows and recreate the dream
within the ocean does all knowledge teem
for water the life and branch to make us
between the land and beginning since such
is a time of domes set initial sit much

animals set free once again to roam the land
for open they were to the story of the gland

yet stop, rehearse the time is now white
I see a ship that produced a new blight
no new holy land, another great crusade
to begin the final battle of the grave
relate, open wide, set wide eye stance set
for no time is seed plant of let
to grow from disorder to order set whence
is how the monsters grow from the test

a test to fail, a test to succeed
only evil has a chance to impede
all that is good, all benevolent light
has a zero game chance upon the blight
two by two the line file single
came from the crash of an all night jingle
coming now with the wet ashen earth
for in the beginning mammals set berth

now the family of Noah took the rest of the ship
and made wood houses to live in the cyst
fire wood logs burn, all roady to the set
because the monsters were ravage let

fortified the men set society again
refreshed all knowledge again at its stand
for the fall of man only occurred in one night
we must prosper like doves; white radiant light
Apollo shined bright on these men of time
and they set in order a house open crime
new first and past last in existence chaste
is how these sons of men began the quest
to satisfy the knowledge that must be set blest

like a cheetah chasing a gazelle the furious went
down into a hell that only prospers lent
no time but only eternity stalled for them
until Christ the savoir visited them

now within the earth all mammals set out
to reproduce and set in accordance the how
from one point dispersed all creature’s of climates
went to PO from the normal anti-definement
once they traveled to all circular points
they set in favor the menu choice first
all of truth to live in the wild
begunst to harm only a pacifist child
no language did they hold because they grew old
so dialectic murmurs held tight the their fold
evolved this chasm of thought produced men
to unite all burdens in Babel defence sand
tall grew this tower, it shadowed all men
to reach God the goal upon this pen

yet skyward is only a task of man
as God wanted divinity within humble man
they forged the beginning in large base round
to prove in their might they can produce sound
and up from the ground came the house
that destroyed are language and set a mouse
to find cheese, in one that songs all men home
the language that searches all to the bone
truth and honesty is a creed that will hold
alive and well the virtue of the fold

fallen like leaves from a tree were men
they had no clue only produced knowledge when
all as lost, beginning set up cost
because they knew no other tune

now single step is a harmony of one
well two step is a melody of some
realize here and now that men create their own
and must search their own voice to inner grown

if we had only listened to that inner voice
and not taken the serpents luscious choice
we may have set serene and highly clean
to live our life in heaven between
the hell on earth, earth between the heavens
all is all in light of number seven
luck to grant fortitude to gain inner peace
along the rocky landscape of overhead set freeze
cold are men who wander like the lost
for ignorance is their own price and cost
fallen like Adam is their set course life
for it is based only a natural strife
natural life is sober as a gnat
who bugs around and flies a scant
can’t we all live in harmony and peace
give to others what you do not need
give to men the speech of time
give to the weak a power to search
give to the strong a power to help
receive all that is in that I am way
for alone in my song all beasts a play
final here and now is the essential first
for through my eyes you have seen the worst
of how men have fallen, how easy to repair
you can live the way you want with a dare
safe and sorry is the tune of the fallen
upright and fearful is the step of what’s haulin’
live your life in peace, joy, love and grace
for spliced are atoms in soulless debase!
all demons and hell contained in the energy
that promotes all within the subjective particle

alleviating what is, yet destroying what was
is how time progresses along a linear track

time to move forward from beginning refreshed
for all of life is a test that is blest
to live upon the fold from Adam tree fall
begonst and living to negate the foxes maul
a maul that devours the heat of your self
and leaves no help but black death unto health
for no wealth or gold is found upon what’s told
only the story of the fold is under the gold

inside your heart of gold is caged you
from inside out all colors shine through
from me to you past Sphinx fleeting me
can’t you see all life teams in the sea?
the waves of time promoting this tide
that flows from each point unto the sublime
it holds true to blue yet is fragile in clue
advertoreum the limitless do.

do what is right for glory set in prize
is what we must keep from reaching our demise
to hold tall what is all, no Babel set now
for preaching the beginning is an inner sense how

now fast and furious is notes of time ring
and unto my song I have a finish sing
knowledge in the beginning woven into fabric’s own
is how our Kaizen survives the tale of unknown
known is all inside on small atom
for how else could the fruit supply Adam?
to see what’s on the other side fence
this pretence is alone a minute whence
time moves forward and attracts all to it
unless black death reverses the river Styx
the river Lyxe of life is great unto me
for dead thoughts of men are living in free!
free to me far from you is how I hold true
so matter begins in initial state soon
conditional transformed above all normal norms
is how matter geometrically continues new forms
a form of grace from the first set time
continually evolving along the Eve Adam crime
Babel and Noah the second and third
far the early worm is eaten by the bird

now please understand what wills is the wheel
that promotes the situal debased steel
deep in earth’s crust a thought lies hidden
a treasure chest alone that is bidden
a time new to us lost to all men
for we team with life in our birth place pen
glory to the upright a lesson we must learn
otherwise to the death will we burn

death is a state that transforms the self
our senses are lost but the thought stays in health
this now system of wealth is peace in our time
and it begins from the beginning set crime

we all fell with Adam, we all live in hell
we all live with Adam, we live in the swell
can’t you foretell that glory is our goal
a state of one in existence whole
a hole of death or bliss due knowledge
for the fruit of this tree resists over fall-age
now here and then past present is now
is the resistance check of resentment how
do not live by Morales but set up Virtues
for good and grace follow suite with this tune
we fell from goodness and now we must relearn
to resist the hell were heaven is out of turn

this turn of the wheel spirits will a few
and now is your turn to search yourself dew
each morn new waters reflect our own soul
and refreshes the moment of the golden bowl

live life like the golden arrow of God
for then his wrath will be sparred from the rod
the rod of the King who sits absolute hither
his dream of life is absolute tither
be the dream of yourself, live life to the full
because then you will be your soul’s whole
do not fall like Adam, rise like the tempest
for than your life will be but clean
serene and humble, good great in fate
is how your logos beginning baits
yourself in each other, we all reflect another
live life as if all were your brother

now Adam fell as this story has told
yet good still exists upon the fold
be the story of yourself, a tune unheard
for this you may become greater than man

great like the gods of old who story is lost
because of the myth of the great cost
to leave this planet and let man team
living life above the highly serene

livistio grantus fortis life in the great living
because in the ocean we all must be swimming
my thoughts and sight you have now followed
now produce some magic from your hollow

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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