I dissolve into the solvent of existence,
I feel I am a persistence, that continually evolves in insistence,
The portal that I feel connects me to the song beyond,
And I listen to the voice that speaks to me; bring along.

It is not a voice that is audible, but an expression of who,
It is within me, a voice of reason, a relationship to the clue!
Of hidden misery, foundational suffering, yet passable;
Into a place where I feel I am at last, comparable;
To those of awoken times, presentations parable,
An Order of Heaven on Earth within the fables.

O ye ancients, folded betwixt, intwixt, relationship in the mix!
Can’t you feel my force come into the fix?
I am a lightning Jupiter Remix who hymns like Apollo’s lyre
Yet I am substantial to all these elemental fears!

So as I come to be, awakening!
I am free, a Chaos-Wave along the Sea!
Yet forming, storming, conforming to nothing; everything
Something inside is the norm of the capturing Albion mystery!

Drums make the periodical time signature for flux
And the influx of notes brings a tempo of unknown trust,
In a field of rarefied isness, in which, the presence;
Comes into all particles of the essence!

I am my own, a throne to my King’s Sun
I am the light information of my own Genesis One
I am the Poet of Muse, The Tenth of the Sums
Can’t you see thus, I am the One?

This is no-being, a freelicense contract
That comes into this beings contact
Informally confusing the confused confusion
Yet all this is the Diana of infusion!

Gaia of time, outline the crime
Spells and twist and voids and chimes
Wizards and Slyphs, Gnomes and Fairies
Contacts with Strawberries and Berries
Can’t you see the fruits of mine
Combine in the fiend, a moment aligned
The darkness of crime, yet swine in cast of pearls
Can’t you see that we are the shit that is hurled
Into a mess, that is blest, yet atoms are contested
And flow from an innate pressure that is presented
Intentions of time willing the entities fold
Yet who can see that we all can outgrow the cold
And not be frozen in a freezing salute
Of the shiver spine Kundalini of the noose
This peace of my own performance comes in the director’s play
Everything in this way comes and be’s in a particle day
And I see that time is the moment of Eternity
That flows in all Orders of Affinity
Yet what can we see other then our own sight?
Is this all but a moment of Samsoms capture blight?
Or can we cut our hair, fierce, go beyond the dare?
Find a love that suspects us to wear?
Our heart on a sleave, a wall that is shut-off
Yet can’t you see Troy is your own personal frost?
It is the cold of the walls around your being
Trying to keep Helen from getting to your serene
The Trojan that comes through time, infectious
Comes to be and performs under the lust
Yet if you can see that temptation is a fee,
That comes in the standard alliance Deity
It is seen, that the flow of time is an essence unwinded
But the Prophets who come in blind are just void and nil
Yet reincarnation of all planes and fields and spheres
Comes to be in my the heavenly muse of fear
Yet abolish all, come to none
Let me show the the beginning fun
Were in the essence, we are all dumb
Even those who think found is when in one
Yet can’t you see, information is all relationships dread
That full fills the ships and fields and weds
The mind to a field, a commonplace yield
That comes to be and produces the teal
Of Keven in heaven, Heaven in Keven,
Yet who can see that all is the number seven?
Of fortitude in blight, the number one two three four!
All equals the Tetron of the number ten square numbered Door!
Yet all this is nonsense, a geometrical sequence of logical orders
Yet Words, in the beginning, The Word Was
No number, no particles, only what Was
I am the form of this Word
The light in the form of the water
I come from the Atlantis Crevice
In which I see the beings of time
Who plunder and wish that they could align
To this Source which is mine, captured in time
But I can give, unleash my energy
Create a synergy that flows from Chi
Yet who knows that this me is not me
Yet I can be in me with the Sea so free
The controversy of the family iktomi is gone
And I am a light that has not being shone
So what can I say, the tempo is changing
And I am in a bed of grass that is deranging
Flow from the grace, grace of the flow
Let all essence and light show
That from a pinnacle nexus, all lights grows
And thus, in time, the Order of words combine
And create a structure that walls confine
Thus, Babel is also the Wall of Self
A communication that can’t be overcome
Other then seeing what is already done!
Can’t break the conditioning, you are what you are
Yet what you are not is what you come to be
So as you see, nothingness is enlightenment
Yet everything comes past the refinement
And leads you into a particle something
That leads the kindling a new fire to burn
And as the ashes churn, and destiny Urns,
From the pillars of destruction turn
The construction yearns for a new form
And this is when I enter into the norm
I come to see that this elementary place
Is nothing other then the Golden Race
That places itself and steals away the guise
Of the trickster that arises inside
The coherence of the mind, to play the game
Yet to keep in the heart is where I am at in this frame
I am nothingness, everything, something, subjection
Yet who can tell that I am nothing from my own rejection
So as I embrace this place of who I am not yet who I am
I come to see that I am this “being” called Dan
Yet I can command the land and the pineal sand
And see that this gland is only the plan
That hand by hand the Magicians Grand
Come’s to the Alchemical master’s stand
And I see the philosopher’s stone in my hand!
O thee holy grail, lithium envidutim essencium
Let this place of holy li8ght condition me!
Yet I am free, so this no choice comes in free!

The waves of time cross into diagonal lines
And form into many sequences that outline
The waves and pattersn that design
A fabrication of Maya’s woven chime!

Illusions and delusions subsist in the realm
And promote the arch-types of the unconsciousness that dwells
In each of us, a particle we must trust!
A light that is beyond the darkness of the snakes crust.

So what I see in this place of nonnative tongues
Is a song, a beat, that comes along from the bong
And it seems that this natural feat is a song from the seat
That comes along and brings me to release
I can sense that this place of rest
Is a simple test of communication at best
So what I know other then unrest
Is that I must flow and keep to my lest
So what I know, what I must
Is perform a maintenance of the realm at once!
HA, nothing can be done, everything is unwinding
And forming into Order that is combining
Communication into a Unity, a free-forming
That comes underneath everything that is norming
Yet the form of ancients can be seen by those of awareness
Yet what comes before projection? It’s the form of telekinesis

Okay let me switch this up, all these forms in a crunch!

There was once a man of a Wizard Way
Upon the fray of Day he played is play
The Source of Light; aligned; shined in the Sun
And came to understand that we are all one
Along the hand of where the gland was planned
Came an existence of sand; became Dan
And the gland stayed and opened God’s own sight
To which, what, where, when, why; I AM ALLRIGHT
Such; tither, such and wither come betwixt
Let me show you the spell that comes in twixt
This Cobra Shedding Skin is a Dragoon sin
Yet can’t you see, all that is coming is within?

Forward end, let it mend, gravity sends, and light amends.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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