Once upon a time a lost
Was were my heart stood
Its presence was a sense of self
While now I’m in oblivion
I hide behind my serade of masks
And deploy deceitful tactics
I am thus centered close
To my will that still matters most

A song I hope to capture stars
In an infinite solution
Soluble my flux of being
Inside the story rises
This story is the race of Rhen
Long los these magical men

They lived in early times
Yet sublime was the order inline
They felt the earth within their scars
And tempted love to shore a’far
As they were once an alien entity
The DNA expanded complexity

The musical beats and serenades
Trances of thought through the glade
Essence of Rhen admit my core
Open up I cast a spell adore

As I see my inward eye
The Rhen deploys its long lost sight
Nevermore, nevermore, spiritual abyss
Lost to time we do insist

As thus the magic grew
And the notes of time echo through
What was Rhen’s mission
What was the goal
To expand through a natural way
Thus they mused to selection

And their hymns lacked defection
Imposed thy being now such
As matter portals me to their touch

Energy was the state of main
And they were what is pain
The sorrow they felt was again
A fretful way of essence
They wished a wish upon a star
That the maker would drift afar
To themselves in galaxy woven
Was what was their will chosen

It is as such an ample way
To forge eachself anew aday
They were the first in energy
Manipulation to a controlled being
As they developed their franchise grew
And yet as lost without a clue

They wished they found a key
To unlock matter’s ultimate fee
As such the static grew
And they fell upon anew

Thus they ended and died
So sing your song on the fly
Us men of long lost time
The Rhen the mover of past chimes

Sublime our thought long begunst
We lived a million years ago
Finding such a high rate disorder
We were closer to the sun
Were once was long ago forgotten
We are the men begotten

In a way we harbor hate
To destines fickle fate
So at peace and ease my friend
For we are the men of Rhen

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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