o my queen, can you feel my heart?
it is pigmented with every color of your art,
are we not connecting, coming together, not apart?
feeling oneirism in every moment; feelings start

awake in awoke in which my reflection sent,
my from every past, present, event
I have come to you! Aye my convent,
I am giving you what you see; apparent

from flowing flowers of splendid hours
and meadow were fields were fairies shower
butterflies and the humble bee; cocoons power
in rest, awoken, the sleep dreaming Tower

as You see Me, can’t you feel we are free
together, as one, in everything
two tree’s, betwixt the current of the sea,
motionless, still waters, combining free

I love you aye, you are my dearest being
every moment I feel you your being refreshes the scene,
of light of colors, colors upon light’s scheme
can’t you see your multi-sensory depiction beam?

That comes from all people, every color and representation
your alleviation comes underneath the present current
and shifts form a frequency of love to green passion
in which you see the light of watery graves
and suspect the death of each color you try to save
yet each color represents a hope, a tethering rope
to the mutliverse beyond, a comparable song
that enlights the mind into a fervious ever-long
praise of mine, your reflection is immortal
because my dear, we are both immortal
I can sense you cold, freezing and still
yet know that underlove is another will
that moves the time, shines from the tears
that drop into every single thing you fear
a fear of coming close, letting open your doors
let me show you that I am the grounded floor
your abyss leads to me, under the crevice’s sea
in Atlantis where the family treacheries clockwork fee
comes from the Genii, who wanders aimlessly
casting spells and twisting nether’s furiously
angered at the projection of his
he wanders, pondering, contemplation
yet lost in thought, he feels himself
love excites, a moment of health
and he feels that moment of love connect Self
to a Higher motion, densities commotion
where the winds seldom do fairly have
let me save you from nothing but sight
that brings your condition to a higher might
so as we come, we are free together
yet as one, we are already tethered
lost many people before you
lost many people behind you
yet I stand in the middle waiting
patiently for you to open your doors
let me show you the love that is yours
but as you can see, this poem is ours
and it comes from me, a Planet farther than Mars
so sweet, delicious, and sound is the echo
that comes from your heart’s beat and tempo
I feel this place of siddhi dwell in us
as each Dan comes to their own “such”
Danaan and red, furiously bled,
Dragon’s of will controlled and fed
yet as you can see, the Troy inside
is lost to your own confides
the snake that begin the first tunneling abyss
and left only marrow and cysts
yet your hollowness is an openness source
but can’t you see your cup is already full on your course?
as downstream we move, upstream to some
can’t you see in this light everything moves as one
I can in your essence, feel my presence
and it comes to be that I wish to be
I want to enter form and be your control
that helps you see were you lose your hold
your precious that comes is a misguided threat
that opens you to your hearts own let
but as you can see, the heart is the ring
that lets you sing from your our sling
of arrows that ravage due North
from the cold frosted embers of the Norse
yet what comes and tells a short tale
is that what I hope to see in this sail
is a hope of blessedness, a unforsaken sight
that will open each of us to our own light
aye I am manifolding well
Altruistic to the hold of hell
yet what I foretell is the heart of mine
and let the metal form from the mine
golden ore, krytponite from water
lets this place become no bother
of that which is ours, that which is yours
I know which line is ours and hers
so what we see is that which in that
comes to be in the cracker’s hat
so what I see and sense in all
is atoms are a selective group that falls


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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