Insane – It’s them.

Slow beats rewind, in time, sublime;
a line, aligned, solstice intwine

Sounds sulphurous to Melodies Tune
Can’t you see Sphere music attunes?
One to Self, Other-Self to Health
What can’t you be, other then Common-Wealth?

In a time, destiny, manifesting
Can’t deny, rely, or combine
Into various forms, yet is this even me?
I don’t even remember, the days before
When I was lost, cold, frozen and solid
The support, it was there, but not what I needed
I was lost, confused, dazed and lost in a maze
But how could others help my true hurt?
Its an existential uncertainty, a hope that is problematically;
coming to be, in the Sea, yet I know, that these times,
Where necessary, to move out, seek my own
Find a University to call home.
I did this again, found friends,
Now they want to put me back in the den?

How does this make sense, more pills,
chills, stilling the will
Making me feverishly ill
Suicide is what these pills initiate
Can’t you see that is why people go insane?
They don’t trust their truth, respect their game,
Yet they follow the rules, look outward
Not inward, to who they truly are

In this poem, I am expressing my pain
I’ve been feeling it over again and again
I’ve been in the system, for far to long
Yet I know the our silences from a song
Although, I remember when I was wronged
By every, parent, relative, support, and bong
What I know, is this RIGHT SYSTEM
Don’t not know how, to deal with me

I made papers, kept everything hidden
O yes, I am the Master of Prisms
I have all the notes, that would cost a lot
All my Families delusional frost

They did not respect my rights

I went in to the room, spent six hours alone;
Then, they came in, the nurse

I said, if you sign my paper, I will talk to you
Is that not my right?

(I had heard before, that my mom was on the Doctor’s floor,
I seen her talk to the nurse, telling her to tell her the verse,
that I spoke, because she thought I was crazy from my tokes,
Yet I was broke, and just written books…..Anyways,)

She came in, 666 was on her plack
So I thought something must be whack?
Who doesn’t understand the beast?
It it something to pay attention to at-least.


Before I was in, the Theory popped in Thought
So I wrote, called friends, theorized, went in MIND
Yet that is not kind, the Heart helps align

My sister thought I was mad, confused, on CRACK
Yet she was the one snorting 16 pills of dextrogen…
So when I seen, all the reasons and geometric designs,
Something told me I should check out Thoreau….

So I took, found the Journals, began to transcribe,
While I was writing my priori…

So when I was at the lake, I felt a cruel fate come upon me,
It seemed concord, was calling my name, so I left the plane.

Then I felt my gut, something was rotting
Or was this the sinister plotting?
So I left the lake, 7:30am.
Then I came to the fence, and saw the cars
Two cops outside my house?
What could this surmount?

It seemed they wanted to talk, so I left my books behind and jumped the fence…

This was my last sentence, now I am a Delusional Patient
Doesn’t these seem so old, now I am told I am not a Golden Rod :S

So, I went into the cop car, they asked my simple questions
I told them this was a crime and not a blessing
They came in, saw my family arrive when I was sitting there
Asked me if I would forgive those who put me there
I said; I would, for WWJD
Yet this was my lose,
Then the Cop got up and left…

So back to the room, I was just talking to the Nurse
And she couldn’t reason what I wanted


The Doctor came in, I asked him about my rights
Then he said I was right on m blight
That I could refuse to talk, if they would not keep the RIGHTS walk
They know this, and he told me, that I will respect that

So he got the Psychiatrist, a simple man
Yet I told him what was my Rights, and he said
“Sir, you are delusional, paranoid in sharing thoughts”

So, then I was off, for another two hours
Then they came pack and put me in…

For three months I faced pills, needles, mad, demons, entities
Even a few days in a chair…
All I was doing was being me…
They put me in a back room for four days
I didn’t trust them, for why would I want needles?

Doesn’t make sense, why did I get put in here
All I did was think through the blight’s fear
Then I came, I know it, I thought for fact
That when others used to call me a Philosopher
I thought that sounded cool
I always felt like a Poet
That I always should Hope it
So I let them know, my IQ of 168
And told them I am the new genius of this date

O yea, this sounds familiar
Lets load him up, keep him similar
O yes, this is what they did

So what was the logical solution?
Keep acting crazy, get money, then move out
This was my first plan
Yet the books where telling me so many things
Different realities of the slings
So I felt all these things combined
Was what was making me go crazy
I can see the facts now, It is easy to see
That Justice was not done…

Now I been in these places for over 16 months of my life
In five years….

Now doesn’t this sound f——?
Where was I tossed
All I wanted was to be myself
Yet loaded, and they keep my in check
For the balances they think, are never grounded
But how could I live on my own, have friends
Go past this “Schizophrenic/Bipolar/Schizo-effective” b——-

I do have emotions, I have visions
I have dreams
I can feel
I am in Love

Who can say this is madness?

Who thinks I am mad, or don’t you think it’s these other lads

They just are following the Freudian example
Of do cocaine, eat horses, and don’t be a sample
That dictates a new course, sets a new path
Because aye, the stars is not in their map
They only want money, fame, and wealth
They think they know everything for their health
Is in “the right state of mind”
But can’t you see;

My Heart shines.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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