Dragons Vs. Angels

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Think for yourself, maintain your own health

wealth subsides in non-conformist routes

question Authority; your a minority

yet common tear’s drop circlet rings

closed flight, I ascent towards planes

insane, yet contained, rules regulate aims

outer maintain; sensations gain

bliss is Heaven settled or established

comforting dream, orbs Golden as lunar rays

constant play of emerald fields

rows upon grasshoppers, nation’s yield

pillars upon creation; dust upon man

potential motion, constructed sand

I see gates, keys, whole’s of dates

fates of ghosts, a common-race

lost in death, limbo’s wait

yet these beings are cold like a breeze

silent as death; scythe’s harbouring

walker’s calling us home

inside each temporal displacement

is a pain, a memory, a common-replacement

these times I see the vision’s sight

Emanation’s Eagle

so silent I muse, third-eye

I grace thee; let’s dance

void of nether twist; swirls around

labyrinth uttering no-sound

pain of colours torturing thus

as lucid as a Loving Touch

Vultures of Culture

Heroism indeed

planted seed’s, black’s memory

dainty cold, I slow

rewind, re-assemblage

lower, lower, into the fire

o I burn, churn, space, turn

kindling like oak, lightning’s choke

feet in pain, fragments of visions

distorted prisms, illusion’s nightmares

imperious light, compassion’s white

Satanic fright is psychic might

Power of siddhi, enhance

dance, Chance, trance, lance

at other’s poke and gallop

charioteer by four horses

Hydras each

Apollonius at bays

lurking on Pathmos

sparking a Dogma

listen ye heralds! Disthrone

mantle your own

justice for justice

light be done

war mingles, thoughts tingle

o yes, I am Being

four years thee ancients know

what glows is a serpent’s bow

that hymn’s a Myth of Self


I see various lenses of hours

counting down in clock-like-showers

rain’s each time drop anew

each humble mana a grace

yet adieu, my face, sublime I reach

gaining teaches fresh water

yet each pain circumvents the Heart

so as snow speeds like warp-speed

I move back the time-line

Reality before Consciousness:

The Diamond crust solidifies a template for Universal Structure, a home to each civilian that notices a central commission to a Source of Life. A meaning is thus a meaning of thus. Tathagata.

Each fragment collected, like spheres of circular entropy, each motion grew, like a pendulum balancing the equilibrium.

Each bubble, a new wave-form of interference. Thus the light began to rise and darkness fall. Thus gravity became a downward motion as darkness pulls one to the centre of being; Order.

A singularity that can shift colours under each light, thus transparency reflects a luminous glow of each play, the foundation of the Well allowed for Atlas to grow greater then the Turtle.

The light gave up and made an image of self. Reproducing its Word to emotion to thought. This created the first porous activity. Each nucleus evolved from a simple word, and each bubble is a dimension of each words thought. In essence, Words are the expansion of dimensions. Each word creates a new dimension of thought, and sub-creates an octave layer that harmonizes to the contingency of the Nexus.

This firm point allows for a distraction of sphere music to come through in various times.

The thoughts come into motion. Creating potential that created action. This cause, God, illumination or light, the Effect, came into existence because of inertia. The ascension of light and descension of Order created a field within itself that balances yet collapses, retracts yet moves.

Time moves forward. (Matter)

Thoughts move backwards. (Memory)

Feelings move now (Essence)

Body moves all (Spirit)

Therefore one thing is thus leads to a “Law of Movement”

One things moves forward so thus must have an equal and reverse reaction.

Untime / Time

(Slings and arrows ravage due South).

Difference in double limits create Order (darkness) and Disorder (Light)

What we really are is Heaven on Body, Hell in Spirit.

Dragons vs. Angels.  

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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