Griffons Transmissions

So far away, lands, plays, distant blights

griffons flew graciously; ascending light

their Eagle feather’s, talon’s of Golden might

came from, a focus of fourth-eye-sight

upon, within, they drew aerial from flight

above; below, transcending creature’s height

bird’s were a Dragon’s Word to write

common-sense, tear-drop Love of White

cold, ghost, I sense these old forgotten beings

begunst awash! Reclaim your scene

Adrest! Live in a story that is developing

many years have Mused, Zephyr’s beam

Sun’s array; display, moving to the serene

ocean’s Icarus, feather’s melted wax-team

the first Griffon; in Human-form aligning

A (Myth:Hymn), all Light is Glory

Holy sphere’s; motion capturing still
ambient, like the Crusader’s will

set to conquer; Hope, instill

was UN-common; tempered slow kills

War! Emerald twilight’s against Human Bills

of Rights; all has their own, a will

sets a motion, transcribed and filled

with tactics of Favouritism; a Hill

back in days of armour and stone

Were rocks were ample to the throne

Magic flay in spell’s unknown

fold upon fold, layers sewn

Diamonds create light; a’grown

from various mineral thoughts of bone

a debt, of gods among gods cone

the past; before, open portal’s known

deep, slow, I centre myself

I fly down; but relative in oneSelf

flowing to the Labyrinth of God’s house

many rooms, mansion’s of Health

milk and Honey, Jerusalem in Emerald Wealth

yet walls can be walked around; a mouse

falling like Jericho; yet string’s sing south

woman; a Nature of emotional stealth

I see, divinity, in planes along coasts

when stars fell the Earth, leaving most

of us to them, men attempted to boast

that release, reincarnation, ramifications; all roast

unless redemption, reward, responses; sin’s rope

a hook that capture’s; religion’s a uttermost

JOKE; a mas is God as man topmost

place to be; or not, Shakespeare’s quote

all poems hinder, a lava flowing free

inside is a dendrite that move’s in Me

a tree, root’s skyward while masts subjectively

flow like an image; imaginatively

Where Nymphs of brightest form appear,

And shaggy Satyrs standing neer

which them at once admire and fear”

Dryden, your Word’s photosynthesize

Helen is a foundation of water within

the chasm of lakes, Oceans and fin

cool places of current, transmissions kin

Tribes are sanctioned, ascertaining sin

in all aspects, drafts, crafts that may din

the darkness of nigh, eternal sighes win

existential communication of Centrist min

Max is the point of limits.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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