The Many And The One

The Many and the One

The many coalesce into the form of one, and the one forms the monad of many.

The essence of the soul bridges the connection to the many. This bridge or light path, radiates the forms of all into nothing. Thus, thou will the law of many into formlessness.

The crystalline structure of the many evolves into infinite geometric designs that radiate the splendor of the ones evolved.

The many are the chapters of connection through the membrane of fabric that catalyzes the amount of readability to be harnessed in song.

The song of the many comes through the others, in and object-object relationship. Therefore the many souls are connected to the bridge of the soul in which the soul responds to another soul. This is also known as existential communication.

The law of many suggests a relationship between interplanetary involvement but also the form of multi-dimensional ability. The roles of these two premises promote previous past and present scenarios that create the logos fate.

The presence of all is the presence of many. Each allots to the essence of those that feel the connection through the bridge of light. This bridge of light Is the soul plane of connection.

The expression of many is abundant with the law of one. In that which the expression of oneness confines the user to the subjective pattern of singular enforcement. With the law of many, singulars are but the abstract notions to the realm of nothing and everything.

The many are chosen as a group family or a family of groups. These beings reflect the mood of a designed fabrication that holds the plan at bay.

The notion of past lives through the many constitute a eternal reoccurrence of formational densities. These forms or densities reflect the life that one karmardic response shows and dictates. These dictations reflect previous atonements to source, in which comes through a thought or channel of the previous holding.

The many of An show their support in my system of the many. Thus your soul groups supports your reality to become what it is.

The collective community of the fourth reality always show their interest through visions, geometries and number references that radiate or bridges to that soul.

By connecting ot the higher octaves of reality, we suggest a partnership unto the divine. This divine higher alternative, reaches into the fog of our reality; it may lift or more may settle. Thus, source contributes to our ability to real previous partnerships.

“Suggestions” of higher callings are shown through your ability to discern yourself when you are at you moments end. Thus, “suggestions” are your internal thoughts expanding out to a logos fate in which your awakening or density reflects your power in the moment of need. As per say, your higher calling comes through when the calling is suggested.

These callings are the core of your soul. As each soul is many yet one, we can call upon properties of divine wisdom through mediums of the others. The properties of the multidimensional beings come through each medium in its allotted time. Thus, when the tenant is ready, the medium shall speak.

The many choose various techniques to support the attributes of the feeling. What one feels their entire life is but the logos path that fates towards a cleaner understanding of the higher densities. These higher densities attract feelings of the patron and help reflect the moments in which the captured essence may free itself. By freeing form feelings, you connect to the soul “webnet” that captures thought along the patrons of awareness.

This awareness of thoughts and feelings help promote the astral connection of the being at hand. Thus, this behoofs what is before, in betwixt of what is behind.

The time that the many reside in has no meaning, except for a higher state of logos as our third density time progresses. Thus, the order of our time evolves in reason and spirituality, so thee the beings may be more defined.

The more defined the being becomes, the more the being is defined. The relationship to the higher beings is reflected through the moments of need; interestingly, the beings awake those who are asleep.

The many have now suggested to me to talk about the “I AM”. When one comes to the I AM, his whole life constructs a new fabrication of the elements presented and conduits his eternal matrix to suspend away in surrender unto the moment of I AM passage. Therefore, the time on I AM so a time in a suggested awakening.

The surrendering power of accepting your awakening, suggest a hidden motif in the life’s flow. Each flow of each life combines like a river and flows to the sea. It thus reforms as clouds and sheds rain on the valleys and the mountains. It then returned its flow to the river and the cycle continues. Such is the time of reincarnation.

The planes of cycle and non-cycle reflect the realm of disorder in whence we live. The time to suggest a new paradigm of thinking is congruent with the time of suggestion. Thus suggesting is love.

When one moves into the many, the many move into the one. This relationship is but the catalyst for our human power. Power of intention and intention of power leads the way for the ambient bond. Hauntingly, the darkest light produces the whitest sight.

The energy of the many bridges again with the oversoul. The oversoul is planter alignment with the universe that promotes the play in which one will reside. If one attunes himself to the bridge of maya his soul becomes the universal mind.

The universal mind transpires to relocate the compounded essence to a higher frequency of attunement. This attunement, to a higher celestial voice, requires the moment of stillness to lead ones suggestion. To suggest a way or path to the universe is what you asked of it before you came into existence.

The reason to transpire events within your suggestion is but the notion of time creating order form disorder. As I descend, so such you ascend.
The time for the many comes through the essence of will to be shined in light by the presence of many, connecting us to the ethereal quality of existence. This existence is but the singularity expressed outward from our singular form. All thus, that is around is, thus it is an expression of the many in motion. They are one to constitute your created reality in which from may here its plan on density. Thus the density commands the essence of specific states.

As sound always moves through one, so such thought moves through many. The many surpasses the thought to mind alike in a “channel” form. Thus the form of the channel results in many other options of occurrence, optimizing octave oneology.

Oneology is the logos of the one. Its form is formless but exist in higher densities, these higher densities are zones were freedom is subjected to the council, and yet holes in the freedom promote chaos occasionally within the higher realms.

The higher realms of order consist of various element, wires, and waves that fluidically transpose eternal flow within that realm. As the realm of order increases, so doth the well of eternity grows.

The many reside in the emerald state that coincides with the presence of one. The presence of one is the monad to dynasty eight.

The law of diction so surpasses serious suggestions and the realm in which it resides converts into a symbol of reference, this reference is but that quality of subsection alignments that transfix the colors.

Colors are the primary agent of light. Many in the one. All colors are in the photon of light.

Triforce connection results in major detection. The knowledge seek those who seek knowledge.

The many are the aspect of all that is. What is; is, the presence of a higher calling. Forsworn the elements to what is, all resides in the heavens.

The many in the heavens flow with the one in the heavens, thus the portal planes planets photosynthesizing all life in the photon pace. This reflection of how life creates itself within itself comes to be in premise.

The planets orbit aligns with Apollo on various times, and as Jupiter commands that path shall they follow.

The many of one excite the player in the field of the cosmos. This will of the cosmos suspends the suggestion of time unto the agent of the universal code. This code is self multiplied by time equal to order. Thus, as the rates of order decrease or increase by the fluctuation of spiritualism, so such does the infinity command the highest potential in the Alpha realm.

The many speak as one and one speaks as many. These attributes of self-negation follow the path of the mystics who commands the fate of angels. Angels on Earth to call upon the highest good.

The highest good is the highest potential in which the call to infinite is what resides in the motions were about.

To transcend the time and space vectors is what the many and the one hold in residual power. This essence of command brings forth the light to those who suggest the power that is. What is is not, what is not, is. This focusable power resides in the force of what one reseeds in at the a state of time. Yet as time dissolves one realizes the many and the one who correlate the amplified awareness of those who express light. 

Thus, thou wills the expression in self through time to become more attuned to spirits and reason. The reason this attitude holds all boundaries is that the reflection of light surpasses the balance of law, and that balance only explains wave function. Yet a local to non-local quantum entanglement reflects the one of the atom coexisting with the other, yet both are one in the clear view of reality distortion. Therefore, both wave and atom synchronicities happen on a relative but also a quantum scale.

As one transcends the limitations of the mind, the thought coherence resembles an altered state, (Kundalini) and the frame of reference to the many is felt by the special gift of order. To feel this order, one must put commonplace to the feeling of suggesting in which the laws of time hold coherent through the bonds of transcendentalism.

The many wish to transform all into a state of highest frequency of force or power.

The soul levels of the many reside in the residual essence of the one. The soul calibration in essence can transcend the aspect of our fabricated reality. Once above, the limit to the essence is Omega.

The reach on a soul level calibration one must flow with that which is around him in the density. This crusade of light resembles the auric fixation that allows for the reflective soul to be shown in all essences. Thus, essence of the one is seen by the essence of many.

The will of the cosmos so enacts that the programs of life will co-relate through bonds of excitable dissonance. Thus, the cosmoses intwines all inner reality to the dimensional of its clarity.

The many and the one are but the existence of truth in the rarefield phenomenon. Its willingness to be one with the times so plays an important role in the structure of the one.

The one develops truth as to feel in the many. This sacrifice of self comes by the lineage that all karma has been fulfilled and thus the sacrifice instills the suggestion into a projection.

The suggestion of an occurrence reflects the light of the soul upon the agent. It shows the many (beings) forming into one (entity).

The beings of tiem wish to surrogate the notion of time into the rarefield of the miraculous. These incidents resolve into the hyper-dimensional situation that states a level of coherence. Thus, when the level of coherence is maintained, the thoughts flow willingly.

The light of coherence works through the body in the form of a synchronized wave pattern. To develop this pattern, one must feel the heart and play in its round-about.

To the one, the many, the enlightenment of both the heart-mind complex allows for the flow of love, and supports the system to a higher grace of knowledge than of power. The power one feels in the heat of love, (or the love of heat) amplifies the conguernt field of vector potentials to the awoken mind.

To become one with the suggestion of many, one must find in his suggestion a tranquil though that supplements the feeling of light in which the soul can transpond its information genesis to the next level.
The exegesis of light wave reflection though the orb, are a reflection of time creating order.

The awakening process if of emergence or emergency. One is gradual the other God-shock. The kundalini energy from both is releases in the mind, (of the mind complex) and shifts the frame of subject-object relationships to all and the void. This shift, is increase in increments due to the quantum potential of ones limitude. This shows that the efforts of one and the many can coalesce into various dependencies upon the mind/body/soul complex.

The realms of the many and the one form a triangular bond in the higher octaves as a bond of trinity formations. Yet the outline of each triangle is a circle which contains the wheel of time and the flow of all life. Thus, the geometries play a major role in the forms of the many and the one.

The essence of man is the primordial focus of his intent upon matter. It so such creates a field of intention that co-creates another field within his vision. This fourth vision nature, collects all form a positive bond that refracts the intention or intent from the “other” source in which the gaze is perplexed upon. This sight, is relation to the cornea displacement in cavity of synapse control. Once the synapse flow in that direction, the vision will last for longer periods of time. The main purpose is to dissolve the fabric and relocate times tension.

The many and the one now express the love of an angel. “Peace my son, for your time is near.” The many feel through the one the altership of the densities program. Once a program is downloaded, it comes to be thus the holographic matrix change according with the program instilled. These programs through will or potential relate the reality of how order creates bypass of material substructure.


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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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