Chorus’s Spell

The War! Aye, my brothers! What a sight to behold!
Untold, formed in thus, my pen spoken and cold!
Rewind to previous times before the crime!
Blinded by void schisms of idioms and mines!

Gold upon craft to defend!
A jewelled wide golden den!
Upon life, a cave, a simple place
To hide within, to fights the betray the race
Silence, abode, void ellipse!
Static heard in the cyst!

Dragon’s trifle and petty glances
Essence restores and common stances
Hold to health, Weir like dances!
Lust is a bestial state of lances!
A white-horse, trodden fray upon the fold
Gallantly around the icy waters in the lake
A capsule, a fragment! A moment mistake!
Cold the Wolf ! A state of man to man
Humane to the sight that comprehends
That magic that twists betwixt the sounds bend!
Doppler rings like spheres on lakes the Send!
Us to a river, connected like a (wormhole)
Each Soul (black-hole) connects like a lake to a bowl
Filling and spinning, revolving a personality
Standing stall like a tree in reality!
Blind I am! But sight has given me!
A reality photosynthesizing!
I breath out fire
Breath in Water
I am passive
Yet dancing like a warrior!

Each lake a ripple like a sound
Where the atoms dance around
Merging together, a field of flowers
Upon the meadows the daffodils shower
Like a humble rain, giving wisdom through space
Were time-space woven’s fabric in coded waste
But each connection, a synchronicity
That is; one motion to the next
Where blest the strings of time due wheep!
Like a flower hoping for relief!
From the rain, always a constant array
It never stops? How can the rain go away?
I can’t hide, I can’t run
All I can do is have some fun!
Rum before! Revolution mistook!
Beverage for poison of the cactus fruit!
Peyote gives the Nervous system a clue
Of what the Nexus wishes of you
To stand by self
A motion of Wealth
A tree like a being of Oak-seeing-sayer
But what I know is light comes and goes
Just like the marry-golds
I see, I sense, I hope, I stir
All life is a linear blur
That moves in one
Comes and goes
I flow and state and rhythms glows
I know this hand I use like sticks
Wicks and wicks and common ticks
Are like parasites who fear
Sucking your prey
Can’t you see
Oil is a black-smoke of acid-rain
That pools and kills
Then “chemicals” are created
Because the reaction of smoke and tar so fated
Us to more stress, to find more gold
To keep reaching to objective folds
Within is sight, pleasure and still
Common will that stills the chill
I silence myself, Infinite in thus
Common lures of social lust
But I hold my own, I start the craft
Draft upon draft the system will Crash
I am a Highway: Yahweh (2xA)m I
Sold a sold out design
Play on play, I am getting bored
Floors ground me like a magnetic soar
Electricity flows, but I keep still
All the vegetables need to be killed
Stones of time’s move through the crime
And wish us to Form a group rewind
Back to previous dates, commonalities relate
A state of affairs that were previously unknown

The Vedas spoke thus:

Krishna : I come, dance, Vishnu enchance, substance is primordial to the Ether of savory delight; sight upon white light comes and fabric weaves like an intelligent common field, the allowance of subjective lens into the perception of everyone dances like a flower and opens to the blossoms of each bee. The pollination comes like a steady rain and hopes to drain those who do not see. But the sight will allow me to show you that the race is going to undergo a reality shift. The white light will come through the ether and suggest a permanence of rainbow colours, this emerald state of highly developed awarness will be a code to silence those among us, and the woven craft will select those who wish to pertain to the essence that was. Nobody is, so everything is such.

Brahmanss: You cannot forsake the rights! We are the first! You cannot deny our magic! How could the blood lines fluid not contain a connection to the house? The House has the first card? Can’t you see, we are the one that held the sect in pact, YOU WISH THE DITHRONE?

Chorus : Silence stood among the Sphinx…..

Oedipus : Riddles and nothing goes and comes, I blue the realm of island fun, My king’s ploys tactics gives, Sophocles rings and sings!

King : O YE LIEER, yo come and think you thus, can’t you see, the mirror reflects everything you are, what you are in yourself is a true reflection of EVERY life, everything that you see in a human recollection is a transparent fixation of the tentacle that connects us to the various streams that connect us through the webnet. Each of these connections is a process of slow intwinement of envelopment. It is like a series of episodes that expose themself in compositions from the rhythm of all dimensions.

Priest : O, what ! The clergy wishes to summon the herald, why does thy lark summon thyne will that abodeth the location of chaucing stew! We are humble to ask thee why the pardon us from such a place of attitude?

King : I feel that this place is withering into a heaven, but the access to the realm is overloaded by the system that is already set up. How can on manage when everything is working against him? It seems that this representation of the system is corrupt, as absolute power corrupts absolutely, but used in love, it is hesitantly to prominent the course of spontaneous magic in the intention of karma!

Buddha : O my secret! Thy will has shown, nothing is Absolute, you cannot hide the truth!

Krishna : Aye, what i riddle and speak thus I comes like a spark of fire and holds the time in the warp-field of space. The essence of magic comes like a connection to the dissloaction of membrame activity, The nerves excite but slow, collecting in bubbles of awareness that promote a samadhic field of tension. When the overlapping darkness suggests a humble way of light, it grows and morphs into various fields that allow the distortion of relation into a field a right. I know that this way of sight is a way of common ways. Colours are the sensory depiction of the Radical, by using the “level” sight, we can balance but reactions to the forward and equal displacement that the sight gives, by moving forward in time we can also move back. This allows for the process to interlock a co-locking mechanism that fits in the time-signature to a relation that overlaps the conditioning.

Chorus : O sing like a trumpet throughout eternity!

Spell : fortēs Fortuna iuvat i am Oiul

Stage : Walk forward, around, then circle through, star shine prism right through you!

Clergy : What is this, geometric principles of magic in religion! AYOI@#U%

King : Can’t handle the Truth, you are the one who should now be on the Noose. Run to the hills, the lakes will overfill with the temptation of to much power! Excitement hour.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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