Find Yourself

Your tongue tap blah blah tippidty rap
Doesn’t even rhyme, get with the hap
Your online flow is drow
You can’t even slow
Your words into this rhythms prison
Can’t you shine, this is the Total of mine?
I am whatever, you are higher
Yet in this law, karma is the giver
Light ascends, you think you amend
Yet as you descend, my blows send
You to another plane, you are insane
Can’t tether the code, twist your brain
Your mind is the madness driving you insane
Your words so complicated, complicated voids
Yet fjords are were your being resides in the noise
White noise problematic static you can’t even hear
Clear hope is so on the mirror
Yet the dew along the grass never refreshes
It is just pathetic, a heresy

Two black stars make a whole
That denote a rhythm of the soul
Yet how can you see, sometimes
Light shines in unknown ways
Advances in jumps, jumps in advances
Man, you guys are years behind my stances
My precise words, the give and take
I read yours, but half of the stake
A piety of insolence, a word not even captured
You don’t even see the heliocentricity of rapture
The sons of time run current aligned
From Sources of time by blinded mankind

Yet disorder to order relation
Now you bal try and steal my migration?
Sensations tingle, swords will cut
Splicing the animate
Your words and such
Are to be let
Not to be set
Can’t you see, sheeple keep cetching the tune’s defect
Do you even know a sphere?
Ha, you can’t even come clear

This is my EGO on a boost
I am p—, what now? Set loose

One to three, that is the version of me
But, maybe, I’ll complete the totalitarian anarchy
That yet, I am the ocean, a Free Sea
Midst sprayed along the ores to Helen

Yet, can’t you even participate
In this date, the branch relates
That viva viva que est le ce
You guys can’t even keep a flow tragic flow flowing free
I rhyme blank verse, but keep my step
Some say this is the “neuro” tunes inept
But I am an Adept
Some Siddhi
You can’t even match my wit
From the gift of The Golden Grass
The dew of time shall not last
Rhymes of time flowing through the open mic
What you gonna do, take this off tonight?

O wait, that has happened, can’t handle the Truth
Yet in the darkness, some things are confused
So dark, mired, conquested, and hidden
All the lies that you can’t see light and love given?
The bioses of beings comes
And goes from the marigold
So as you see, HA, you can’t
You can’t even smell the branch
You still think, O yes, I am saved
All this thinking, thinking, thinking
Yet paved is they way for some men
Current standard source of when…

O lalala this poem is a fancy
Of a typical two siddhi dancing
Nice pun, that was dumb
Just like the dickens who crossed the street
Never getting to the otherside
Yet resetting his own precious demise

I am styling, giving, stilling, middling
Flowing, slowing, growing, compounding
Responding, sounding, around, mounding, grounding
I have a greater scent then the founding….

Some may say, anyways…

Wait until…you will see
Then this place will no longer be a part of me
Those who have saved their place
In my heart
Have their essence paved somewhere
They may be…unaware
Yet the merits they have placed in my heart
This simple suggestions suggest some
You are included…

If you cetch the drift, of the Atlantis gift
blah blah back to that crazy sift

Dimensions lose meaning as time evolves
Disorder moves to a lower quantum scale
Order creates a higher spiritual state
Health is relative, to states of body
Compassion is balance
Love is the grace of each miracle; a blessing of understanding


Find. Yourself.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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