Icy Veins

twas magic blink and feral cast
stabs and shields and nova blasts!
fire magma pulsing flow
betwixt the photon hollow;
a verse, inept but woven my spells
puppets like strings from the well

old time lost, yet Magi ruled the land
glands upon glands the fold and the man
was heard, sensed, but portaled a’far
to lands and distant stars

potions, elixirs, flask and stew
ogre’s, monsters and green grass dew
fields and arrows the sling due south
Ravaged from the devil’s mouth!

Lightning shows and acorn-eaters
Many shows going on this theatre
Plays on plays, dancing my tune
Far from near soon to you!

Conjuring this simple answer attest
Currents from Sources are standard and blest
rogues vanish and guarantee the back
but this version relaxes that attack

gouge me, yet I step fast
Blink, yet the sting lasts
Stunned, but sheep will follow
Then I blink to the next who will follow
Open through time, I am back
Casting, the frozen blast
Then cone of cold
Blast of frozen
Cold times of fingers frost golden
Rogue slips into the shadows
A forest field meadow
A night were sight is invisible from time
Yet wills of wheels circle through me
And I unlock the shields key
Bubbles around me like a barrier
So the damage is migrated like a warrior
Cheap shot, stunned
What a gun
Daggers piercing in the skin
My clothes are getting worn and thin!
I run, I sense, I hope cast away

This undead feature is coming through
I sense the time is to blow him up new
I nova him again, sense his plan
He sets us a shadow to migrate this Man
So I slow, I temper feats
This duel is a show to others
That you all are my brothers
Fantasy as a chase this beast
Another feast for me poetical heist
As I sense far and wide
I spell my words like a Magicians confide

I do not hide, yet a cast away
Staying from this play
The runes cast many lots
But I am more then every plot

Raven of prophecy, burned by fire
The rogue comes like a desire
He wished to hope, trick and trade
Save himself and stay in ways
The mage is a sage of time
Controlling minions and various crimes
Using different elements for his field
The voice is unto land unreal

Leer saw that Edward needed for a Revolution
Time to start this evolution
The mages set forth to kill the rogues
The titans of the gods
The rogues were many advances of different places
The mages held the Magi to form faces
They held at bay that the knights of Camelot
should form to through own plot
Excalibur at rate so did feel
That its right was to motion should appeal
to man, a gift, greater than the stick of Yoshimitshu
can’t you see that this version is different
I slow, harness the version
Of old untime stories

At the time were the castle stood
Many people were holding the crude
Burned at the stake!
We took to the lakes
The white is the veil
The red is the dragon’s fate
In the capsules were we grew from time
We kept hidden in the mines
He needed gold for radiation
so save ourself from our energies transformation
Knowing magic and harnessing light
version of frantitic right
Knowing this line
will align
You to the sensual debase line
That should not be tempered
Thou art That
Can’t you see,
That all this comes from a place on who knows

The Titans set formations of the course of time
so that the mineral thoughts could enjoy online
they still sit and wait, for clocks always bait
time is a bomb that controls fates
so what i so is that this place of siddhi
enhances my magic in clarity

Old! Aye the rocks stood a An tool tower
showering geometric forms upon the hower
throwing temples like various fights
they didn’t want to keep man light
they saw, destroyed the foundations
Athen’s and Greece crushed by Ireland’s translations
We are the ones, Apocalyptic return
Fire’s burn eternally.
Can’t you see, micro to macro
The universe in on man
The only end is the version of my plan
I write what I see
But I see what I write
I no-see every-day on this “blight”
logic tacticians wait in passive moods
TO attack is to defend and wait in mends
Like gravity you keep your castle strong
Then when the troops are along the fear of the song
You hook, capture, then you spill the oil
Boil and trouble double and toil
Spills like a Titans tortured slew
In a cauldron, frog legs and witches tail
membranes and cells and frozen wails
complete reenacting the fable!

heaven is a bliss that is a game
that results in a transparent fade
suffering in time is because of my own choice
now I raise my voice
to open the portals
to the Chezma you can’t see
The land beyond is given free
the opening dance of version and trance
And I’ll let you know my name is Chance

O crap, here we go, opened that flow
Different elements of wizards, the sylph glows
slowing into spheres of delight
I seek honey, but common frights
Always tempt me to the difference
The entrance of what I see is a bubble of two Taos
there is always a reverse and forward reaction
can’t you see Heaven, on Earth
Earth is now turning into Heaven
My brethren, the golden age is weathering
The grass along the waves to dance
Like locust along the trance
Yet many different proses come through me
I am lost to my Atlantis’s crevice sea
So deep, tortured, this place of surrender
I was captured, held, sworned and meandered
The genni wished to keep me at bay
But I said, yo this is my play
Now I write what I want
Imagination is the key to this plot
For how can one man’s book not be Reality?
O what a fatality
of common neutrality of a negative delight
Now seek your own shelter and Maraku some might.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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