Silver Tides

Dance like a mysterious guise
No surprise, my forms entwines
Various dimensions of the crime
Light of mines in Ore craft gold
Natural selection is what is growing cold
Life is but a courageous bravery
Like a warrior who never sets aside
But cuts like a Word, opens the tides
Sets in motion a sphere that twirls
The Tao spinning in currents diminishing
Withering and transparent is the figuring
All ambience is in a slow frame slow
Entertain this thought of the brain
Thoughts are what drive people insane
Consciousness is a separate entity
Coming, willing, selecting; promising
New sensations and delusions of time
Thoughts should be avoided online
Yet separate Voices command choices
A reason for hope in the transmissions sorrows
Coming for War, prepare for Peace
North is where you will find common relief
South slings savage due south
Ravage from the Devil’s Mouth
A hose that pumps you alive to your gravity
A inward mass, persona undone
When you come in
You will see your fin
That remembrance of what once was
What shall pass and is to pass
Were you be is Where you are
Yet how can my essence prolong so far?
Each moment a light speeding bar
That limits give rise to inertia
Light promises to transcend over time
What way do you rise in the crime?
I am myself, a version coming undone
Reformed in strategy I conform
To rules of the game
Spirit’s name
What I see is real
Current freshed and worded
Sealed on me, but what is this
A common spell lucid tis
Move forward and back
Relax, slow time
Lets entertain
A dance of frame

I act like you don’t know me
But I know what is fresh
The dew upon the grass
Each moment upon last
A lash of time is a Dragon’s den
Merlin’s battle of standard when
Dragon’s of time, two unleashed pen
White and red
I am the current fed
White is the rainbow of the emerald state
A throne in a Universe that Tablets your date
Yet can’t you see, the Source of flow
Doesn’t even notice
That this isn’t even me
Yet who is this
A lucid dream tis
Asleep is chosen upon the man
Upon the current of the sand
Each motion potential sends
Us to a moment of amend
Pulling us like light’s bend
Due to masses of void’s
Along fear, come close to me dear
I am your rabid song of nightmare
You can’t dance this tune
Merry so soon
Deny the rationalization of mine
For each gold is a spell of the lake
A soul that enhances then silver rivers
That tides to platinum coasts of white gold
Were the fold
Stands upon a new story I am molding
Before the coals of time gave fire to the Indra
The temptation was not really firing
Yet desire, a constant flame of Source
Was when I came to ships course
That anchors are dropped and Masts are perched
Along the sea were it hurts the worst
This time along, I mused to the wind
The essence was prophetic along the sin
It came to me, that all this was real
And it continues each day through the seal
That was warranted to me
Given free
For following God’s plan for this Me
A emotion experience
That flows with the delirious
THe sheep upon the fold
Who are growing cold
Can’t even rhyme on time
There song is a tune out of line
Crime upon crime still searching
Moments are found when hurting
Deep in the abyss
Cold fronts of waves
Light that saves
Yet paths that set graves
Returning again
I set my plan
For years I was motion sold
Representing a state of unknown
Now I know
What do I flow
I know nothing
Yet something in particular
Is a flow, a moment voice of throat
A blue speece of Vayu’s nil
What comes is this thrill
Lets dance

I am a warrior being who is coming undone
Motions of fun, are one, yet sometimes come
And from, the wonders of what is flowing
I ponder weary and week
What is this I speak?
A spark hidden in the sea
Deep in a crevice my image in action
Shows me a participation fraction
A tribe, showing me a way
A orb that transcends the sphere
Motion’s fear
Ripping, unhinged from my Being
Orbs of circumferences expanding strings
Yet all points are me
Some new free?
Like an Oak that stands lightning blasts
Zeus, bring it on, you can’t even top this song
Your hymns given to man, can’t even promote Apollo’s judge
Who can’t grudge?
This is the new form of the sludge
That you created in a primordial soup
A coup etate of Self replication noose
Why create to destroy?
What was your Eagle hopes to employ
A predator upon Self, a den of man
So we could never rise to your sand
Light shines in ways and comets fall from heaven
Yet each Earth is a common Haven
To a bacteria growing porous
Yet each void a place to show chorus
So sing the siddhi Lila show
Each play a way
I know the director some may say
It could be
Or not
Maybe someone’s riddle plot
Well you already know
The first is the tenth
As binary shows
Yet dell can’t even compute what a new age can flute
A motion unreal to the quantum space suite
Flying away from Earth
I am not even in motion’s berth
I suspend
Mend my bow and shoot the arrow
I hit my target
Inside I am
The essence expands
Like a ripple upon the lake of my soul
I am expanded like an example
Although, the force of rapture is intense
The point of atoms collecting
Is a place of power that relaxes
The more you relax, that more the atoms bundle
This is the secret to spontaneously
It seems, that when the Dopamines collects in larger slower relaxing ways
You can’t have a motion of thought that plans over all fast
You see, when you think ot much, there is less chemicals
So if you slow, don’t think, the chemicals bundle
Then when you unleash or there is to much
The mind creates a flow for you
Then you tap in and experience the rapture
Of a Mother Nature’s capture
A spell that is woven by Maya
Can’t you see, all is planned anyways
Why, I can put any Word into existence
And its intention will continue with persistence
THat is a Word
Now you see
Cross the Fjord.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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