What should I sing?

where should I go
What should I sing?
Why does north, so such sting
The abyss of crimes
Volumes of light!
Voids and reasons and terrible sights!
Hydra’s continually combat
Against my current fact
That I am, that is
This is a act
That I come and slow
Process like a Merrygold
But stumble upon
Graciously find!
A state of divine

Tranquil thoughts sting thyne will
But common chills; relax and still
Before underwill
Thou art thee within thyne
A lonely Odyssey I now sing
Of the time before the slings!

A fiddler so simple upon the grass
Like a wave that flows and dances
It is so simple, aye what I feel
That the demons come, steal
Kill, harbour, drop an anchor
Stall the boat
Damn the river!
A wood that stops the Virus of Troy
A wall around the fortified story!
A heart, a mistake, a fresh tale!
Of the moments my fate sails!

Towards the sea, the stream runs
But every Sun, seems to explode
In all dazzling displays
Like the fresh bud’s of May

But this place of hurt, thy abode of pain
Life is a living hell plane
But as I know thyself
Will to the moments of my mouth!
For Gravity ravages due south!
Just like the strings that sing from the puppets wealth!

But under the glove is how I operate
Controlling fates and switching dates

O, but aye Hector, thyne Red Blood Ares
Killing the fae, destroying the Faeries
Bloodshot skin that Athena whispered
Can’t you shift into a fixture?
For men to see, a Hero from time!
But aye, Agemmedon felt that the power
Was too much in that hour!

That fate of Poseidon decided that the battle must wage
For the sages felt the power behind the lines
The wept, for the tale of how the warriors fell
To a cause! A love! A grace!
A Helen that was stolen from my heart!

My song, my love, my tale!
Why should I set sail?
The fear of today? It will be gone!
But as I sing my song, that magic is gone
The tale as before, I close my eyes
The poetical design is unlaying before me

Tales of light, boats built, Spartans field
Athenians motto was forms an Aristotle’s duel
But Plato felt, that the One would be all
Yet the Monad supported his ideals, but the forms fell
Upon the castle of society
The most logical was founded
By Sophocles sang like a untold bard!
A song that was inspired so a’far!
A thyne Chorus will the wheel!

A my sons, the time has been heard!
For a song of the world that turns!
The sensations feel the burn!
But aye, Euphocles, you seem to have Wizardry
but condemned for the motto of light!
Aye this blight, various forms and sights!
Was of ancient, progenitors of cold warmth
But aye, the foundation was laid for man
Plans before plans but man made gods
For did Zeus only find the design or make it?
Light existed before forms
But the abyss sold to the norm
But creviced the stature of the Horse
Was how the virus took its course
Pegasus around the flame of the Word
Like walking death from Zion
I felt like this place around the Axis
Would be central to my figure
But long ago, what is heading towards the end
Is only gravity that sends
Us to a new plane
A sensation gain
Where forms combat and spiritual forces taim
Yet the blame is placed upon serpent craft
The tongues of time that control the draft
Yet hooks and nooks, splice and dice
Words of rogues and wizards and mice
Common mazes of Torturers flag
The Absolute of Time, a drag
But linear motion is potential
So the sail’s could form in notions
That the time for battle is at hand!
That gods of the Sea hold trident command
But aye i know, that Oedipus fled the islands
And felt the furies would combat his life
These sly remarks, signing like the Sirens
Always call, always mein, always figurine
Just like the cyclops that battle for the gain
Yet deep in the mountain, hold stilled by time
Is a lurking cavern of interdimensional design
Giving codes to you, that is the message here through and through

Sphinx is silent, graces a guest
Currents rises and esprits surprise
Moments love and feeling combine

Old tales, behind the vale
Set sail to ocean tales
The Titans held the fortress
And the magic of the forces
Combined in tales of light and courses
Yet various plots and rocks and minerals
Were given to the plants and men
But what i see is the smell of these men
Was a common right of decent folk
Why would this zone of free will negate
All the life of the fates

Yet apollo muses before Delphi
And the honey was felt
That the wise of motion could outline
That various plays and dendrites fiend
The way above, so below
Infinite in a whole

So Homer is blind, yet see’s the plan
No-see is the sense of the man
But as I know, the potential of time
Was so outlined in the motion of wine
So the fold of altruistic health could shine
And symposium could reflect Phaedrus’s line
So when Timeous felt the time of cold
The light of untold Republic’s was sold
So in various time, the streets were paved
Atlantis in the grave
As logic swayed over magic
twas a hard day I say
When we took the the lakes
But, what I know is when we fell
The pressure was released and we knew
That when the centre was reached again
A single man would know our plan

So we came, through many guises
Surprises and various nooks
All men sought, but various plots
search was in vain
but God’s name is the preachers gain
So as I know that the door opens when you ask
can’t you see, I do not hide behind any maks
I am a universal ranger of the metatron cycle
Yet the keys are bitter in the end
But each door I unlock in my misery opens
But the sadness just keeps going on and on

I was born into death, but death gave me life
But now I see that life is just strife
So trifle, to the pain
But all is all gain

Soul’s migrate and transits to planes
but mortal gains are always sane
it was light that wishes to place
information in coded grace
so I just welcome myself
as myself
I feel my heart and soul
Body complete and whole
But what I never know
Is were this will take me
but common experience just shows
that my retreat always slows
but i reax
common glow
So the Race of golden grass sows upon waves
but holding still, the waves of still
sing like a song that hopes for wisdom
but mana never comes
shakti is always there
it was rains
and dimensional pains
but all I see is death around
no one hears the sound
The light around the ground
Comes ago and death and prying
denying lying and combating
forces and divorces
of courses and manipulation
time to end and save the righteous
yet this is my blight
control your fictitious
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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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