Long lost weary ago

Trodden to the day of past

I wondered, sat, and pondered

About my past; and a song that sings

Its like a current that goes through time

Just like a harpist harmony held together

Sublime, yet groves and tree’s held together by tight bonds

Where selfish but yet caught upon a spell

A myth; a fable, a preaching prize to steal

Yet many moons I have thus thought

If a song, is there not a Source

How is it along the Trent?

So as we come and go, paths come and show

That there is always a road

Leading back to the home of who you are

Within is like a castle

Fortitude of ancient aeons that the treasury holds

Its many roams home abodes of humming a song told

So what I speak is that; within there is a calling

Dear lady; Sophia as Asherah

A whispering birch that slowly sings through life

It stands tall, held together like shades of grey

Two wolves stream like a pack for the prey

Yet as an Eagle liver would only take away

Songs of light, songs of praise

Like a Helen of Troy

A strong story of the boy

Who took all love could give

And grow into leadership and hardship whips

But aye, lashes time crime bashes

Through the halls of eternity

Now is the moment in what we split

Indifferent to the choice conflict

No-choice is still a choice

Yet maybe reason will boost my voice

Reasons to go, to stay but listen here

Time is dear, far near is the current fear

Wolves die alone

We know this is shown

That when a hunter of a pack

Comes back to his mind infact

The haunting memory of fawns sweet dear

Held close to my hauntings far and near

So what I do is sing my song

A foretelling of what’s a ‘come

What I Start, I hope, I contemplate

Is like just hold out for a while

In denial is pride and hubris from a fall

Silly-nilly-wally dally

What did the elements of daily give

A hollow place to bring me gallows pole

Yet I saw, nothing, but nothingness now shows

That there is dark matter a living thing

No—thing is still a fling of strings

That comes through a million pages of old times way

Certain places are like a middle path that who’s

No left or right, just held in time

To show that zero is still nothing in mines

Of mineral thoughts; dark desires flow

There is prose that is supernatural in style

Run like the wind; sisters come in feuds

She is goanna hit ya hard, some intentions luck

But love prevails in those who construct

A temple a rumble tumbles of the light ride

That is like a dimension trip

3rd density gibberish

My heart is gold, it is a place of pure

Yet white cold energy comes in poles

I sense out then in, always quick and fast

But aye my mind does that blast

Yet I died, sometimes I miss-step

So I reset in all ways and frets

Slow to time I write this song

Beats of tragic flow going strong

I am no tragic actor

But the bliss that is shown

But my flow is under willed

Like a white crow

Yet a murder intact is death to self

So as pain encompasses my stealth

Woman do the cold compass path strafe

So as a graph and plot and fly away in imagination

Can’t you see how many relations

Are there simple and true

Connected always to you

I just want you to know

J’amie petite ami

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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