entering into the forest fern

the Rings light brightly burn

the spheres above like stars so bright

enter me into this blight


happenstance and steady stance

is the light the brings me to Chance

I have surpassed the role of wizard

because I know for fact I am no lizard


Shapeshifting like the many forms of light

the entities surround me like my own might

aye, my form is which they wish to behold

as I know for in this story I am foretold


who would listen? as my heart shimmers and glitters

the crystal soul within my steady commision

is where I come to understand my mission

which, in permission, is to understand the remission


Academia, the time of the central fold

is where the beings of Cthulu take hold

the web of filters comes through me

yet this place is sacred by the no-me

so as I come to understand the purpose of this place

its to bring beings into the understand of the Higher Race

the Devachan is where the gods reside

yet can’t my own light surpass the design


of this concealed subjective form

were objective is what balances the norm

I feel the light of my own self

turn back forward inward outward to the no-self


listen to this beat, flowing in and out

as I enter the ground flows of doubt

instead of a steady retreat

we must enter into our own seat


so as I throne my own time in this rarity

the sanctity of my own righteousness and purity

comes to me from the deepest Crevice

as I come to understand the lesson of the stress


yet free I am, flying through visions in my mind

can’t you see that is my heart flowing nevers in kind

so as I see into my own orb of thought

I am not lost, nor ponder caught


I am the flow, the rhythm and the grace

can’t you see the willing seconds of my stace

so as I radiate my essence to you

I control nothing through and through


this is my heart, my soul, my light

my essence radiating in higher sight

can’t you see my words and whites

come to me from the prism of night


the void eclipse is vividly amiss

from the static always heard in the cyst

for when one enters into the light of property

it develops into a state of entity


as I am my own Creator within the Sun

I can feel the many and the one

yet in Albion’s coast the sound sweetens

like an ambrosia or nectar of weakness


society is the death of the individual

yet freedom comes and enters the civility

as a new chance for hope to light and understand

yet the glove enters the pocket from the command


so as I explore my own being at this time

no fear, no judgement, only lines sublime

that roll a specific outline from a higher tenacity

because I know this is sporadic spontaneity


listen, hear the pulse of your heart

as it begins to open and start

let the sight of my world enter in

and see the nil is ni, content is fin


nothingness to nothingness, simple awareness around

as I beat my own mound into the ground

the sound around my song is from beyond

because the light of spheres capture everlong


the faeries and flows and in the two nights

were the moons reflected their own mights

yet I know my passion for helping is never out

because I am a being who understands doubt


yet as love comes in my hands and begins to write

I can tell that this is the ability of the gifts right

what I know is little to those who know

but I can always find the information in my glow


so as non-linear paths of current steady rate

I can tell you that my life is to the fates

a metaphorical example of times weight

the scales were balanced and a was delayed


from a time out of time, voided and blind

where the light of a wizard was my only path in swine

so now I see the natural way of life

the Celtic flower of strife


yet as I flow into my own state

I can’t race past you in my rate

so I slow, steady, enter the name

of nothing and I enter insane


common realities create a fundamental experience

were light of people understand the serious

yet the pyscho blabber of nothingness before

enters me and revolves in my door


what should I do, take the light

leave this blight

or enter into the nirvana of my sight?

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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