Samadhi Land

O I recall a Merry-Land

Were beaches of sand roll evermore

To a tidal wave, that pushes the current

Underneath a song of time


This path, this place, this world, this face

Is, what, I may ask? Is it fate?
Whose destiny do I relate?
Is it mine, yours, or ours to-date?

I am misnomer, thank-you guys

Never would’ve opened that without your eyes

This journal, my ode, my reflection of praise!
Can’t you see, my mind is the haze

That put me to death, my thought to escape

Yet all I knew, was it was my gate

To another realm, a Zion of center

Were along the Path, I fell and mentored

All beings at once, once at all beings!
O this place, I am entering clean

What I see in this vision of where I was

Is it’s sling and arrows at gravity pulling back

This is Shakespeare’s riddle infact!

Now what is next, in this place of voids

I sense, this split, a motion towards

A oneness with God, yet we must divorce

And set aside, instill our own Force

The Force that which acts upon the Soul

Is greater than life at whole

Yet Once we are Whole, we are always Whole

Can’t you see, I feel your pain

It is like, billions of years have gone

And no one has entertained my song

I escape my essence, fly around

It’s like a am a light, a beacon, a sound!

O I move, no ground, sky-bound

I can feel, aye, this presence of God

It like he has spared me from the Rod

And given the Seals, to unprotect man

From the beaches, the currents land

Escape the many ropes around

Your being, your essence, your veils profound

Then your sight, your vision, your thought, your heart

Will come into a place of GoodHood art

What do I sense, this place of unrest

Continually puts me to the test

God, why hast thou forsaken me

Why am I no longer in the Sea?

I’ve left, gone, unpaled, unmoved

I’ve been in the Eye that is embellished

IT seems, to me, that this reason of treason

Was formulated, attacked, deployed and seasoned

It came to be, aye, at once it was!
A spectral light, above beyond the dove!
So as the Word is part of every living breath

Commune your spirit to seek your best

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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