Zephyr’s Riddle

fiddle playing in the middle of the riddle

notes and echoes from times before

flowing through the Aeons of the Zephyr

can’t you understand the present now?


anyways, the magic of havoc induces states

were magicians enter alone and radiate

the hall of seekers is a present floor

that comes to be a powerful color


i have learned the mystery of the soul

how to feel and look at those who are whole

disgusting entities of midnight growth

is were the moments of owlish watchers


it seems to me that the particular array

of currents that stem from the marigolds way

daffodils of playful moods exciting the sensation

yet transmigration comes into full swing


so as I ponder my own muse of nothing

I feel as though  I am a particular something

anybody can feel and understand thy will

but in the clearest moments one is all but still


to understand why the logos has a place

for the underlings who understand the race

yet who is to say that the beings of time

have come into me in this moment sublime


I echo the stars, a feeling of home

yet instead my own is a feeling of thrones

a king who is a warrior in flesh

yet now I must determine at best


who comes into this zone

where I enter into the dance of my cone

yet it gives out a power substantial

that is in essence a new sample


of the vine that grows in all ways and pictures

yet the canvas painted was a new hither

now back again, version nine

I relate thither the prophecy of mine


the circle wheel staff of blue foam water

is passive and controlled in the moment of the otter

yet in the time of plethora of realities

it comes to understand the light of fatality

the death of the ego comes in quick

and instantly the moment is slick

it passes on by, the sphere of thought

is where one comes to be ponder caught

yet escape, aye, my brother

is lost in your mind

can’t you see that the heart is the version of mine

so as another system delegates the tension

can’t you see the new question

forward is all in this path

yet backwards is the way of my staff


so as I come to the tree

it understands me

yet I know that Ishtar is only semi gained

and Basher is only a name

yet the Kabbalah is only a guessing state

were you think everything is linear in weights

yet nothing is better, a sensation of life

were you feel what is white problematic in strife

so as you tempt the current of will

excite the rhythm and let void the still


voice of reason, commanding my myth

let the version of life come in promoting the sift

Atlantis so lost in time, arise! Jigsaw its your time

I have been deep lost in the pale movement of light

and it seems the forward brothers in Zion are might

the entities within the earth are the beings of Tantrula

and they come from the webnet of spider silken frost

they deceive the plant, the Mother of the Earth

and they twist and try to undermearth

so as they example the highest clan of ni

the blue is where the expansion sets in cry

we must fire Zion out to the passive cool

as the water is the river of the fool

yet on the coast of Albion so faire

is a presence of a moment rare


light adventium aviditas aonlyi

all this comes to be a particular enemy

yet this being is light advanced

so thorough through my substance


so as I come to a close

my heart is at rest

give to others

and you will be blest

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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