Captured at Sea

Captured! Aye I was torn at Sea
Misery, like drudgery
Pulling me down into Oblivion
Like when Brutus emissions
came and threw, spaded and drew
like acorns shed upon the ground
Merry to the squirrel’s around
But what I sensed, beyond the understanding
Is that particular dates are invocations
Of time sublime rhyming in the crime

Yet one by one we fall like dominoes
And nothing accomplished, but rising
In fear of what is, what is passed
But what has come to be

Seven wars will rage in battles lost
Each tale a void of twisted costs
Death door knocks in thousand heads
Yet each impale that I witness is the end
I’m bleeding, but so this is my final hour of verse
Where the memories of the ley fade…

The other side now Evokes
I am the beyond light hope
I sensed this afar from me
What is real? Dare I say
That light from around the darkness
Grows into my sensations

From old gravity holds in cavern molds
Was told and foretold the icy covens
That hide in Zion, yet rise in rivers
As a Wolf will allow a Lizard
TO play with aeiouuoiea
But what do you say today?

Time to step back in time…

Before the rise of the Volcano
Many powers of fire dreaded redemption
Yet nothing saved, held in the shelled lakes
Was where the fade put back our mistake

So walking the Earth, God of El
Created the Human’s to dwell
But the well was deep
The beings drunk well-being
And the cauldron was soaking clean
but many Wizard’s debated about the menu
How about just what you all are?

That sounds good but failing is the essence
And time in time reveals the Power
That showers in every hour
From nothingness immortality comes
But What none see is this is fundamental
Clauses on random pauses; verse on flow
But now back to all over the map glows

The warriors took time in offensive lines
But provided attacks for defend
For archers must stand behind
Or else nothing will hold the line
So aligned where the arrows at my shell
O yes, me Brutus fought to hell
Falling down like a misery death
Breath was spoken and choice held
That what I did may end or meld
Me into all forms, yet that is passable
To Nether Realms and voids impossible!

What I say, light upon all days
yet current dresses of house ways
Come and play by acorns spread
Along the merry golds of plants a’wed

Yet torn asunder-ed, tattered and cleaned
Was when this verse came into me clean
I am nothing right now
I know nothing.

What I see is beyond all this
A land glowing in river’s and fairies akiss
Like dancing daises upon the pedal
Kissing like love to ever meadow
Like soft rainbow and blue tinted skies
Upon love albeit no demise
Only manifold destiny to Above
But below is growing Jove

Temple’s of time where crushed in Rome
For how could to foreign Natural’s roam?
Seems like the torch didn’t hold in Rome
But as one know nothing is unknown
They came to Rome, but set into the fire
Look back into time and that is my desire
Is to show the downfall of man, up-hall of the clans
And that is the support the addressing manipulate
Rome was like a desert storm along the rays of men
But old men came and promoted Wiccan
Yet Tanner the lost void to the siddhi
Was coming undone to many voids
Yet nether realms in lands so cold-reading
Portals foretelling the meeting
but the clans of might
the river’s of sight
the time of men
The wolf’s play pen
Yet many one’s came free from the sight
Magic advanced on the field to keep tight

The Rome had what was set up
Road’s light weak and power upkept
But the dark sword of memory came upon me
Like a soul danced and flares relationships
But I feel like all this things come and bare out

SO many phases of destruction in wakes
Like the Island that hides itself
Underbrush like a bog of Self-sense-purity
Like no voices, just a simple void of channeling
How do I say this stuff is me
Well that can’t be
O wait…
To be
Or nothingness
That is my plot

O great, snapping back and forth
coming undone in moments lunch
I felt the fire, felt the burn
felt the well and ashes churn
Felt the wisdom
fret the grace
felt the will of food and pace

but the many men who march to Rome
Only felt come from home’s abode
But people passed and death was around
The rats of the temple’s set it up
For in Rome they knew the Source
But they set up failure for Druid Course
Only revaluation by prophets of El
Nothing revealed by the Magical Well
That knowledge holds deep
Your own nightmare keep
like voices coming from hell and death
Each looking and haunting for breath
deep at the edge I claim myself
But I cry for you, who sits beside
me as I explain my own carouse and conditional

This verse you will never guess
but is from an inept
now its time
ending on crimes
Let line shine
and may you love
This wish be yours and mine.

About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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