Merlin Show

aye, Merlin, here perChance
Random luck of the dice!
Under the mountain I fell into life!
And the spell of rivers spoke my strife!
Slings and arrows thus did ravage due south
And to the North I had to be liberated!
Upwards, Sky-profound!
To liberty of speech, Reason-unsound
Aye, I was lost in my mind in those days
But now I set a new field of enforcement plays
Perhaps the bunny will hop, the Hawk will flutter
And spread it’s wing and fly beyond the matter
Towards, blue! Passivity nih!
Earth is green, can’t you see Buddha is alive?
In all moments, living atonements
Here and there and everywhere
I am so still, so calm, like water
That comes, refreshes, re washes, the Otter
Who slides down the stream, A steady current
That leads the Horses Chariots around the Sun
Yet passable, I may say, by this entertainment of presence
Yet, who can say, I alleviate this BEING’S essence

When I went mad, I looked at the Moon
And thought, aye Venus, your Orbit Noon
Coming soon! Like a daffodil along the horizon
The steadily gossips about the Bee’s liaison
Yet Brahmic only beings, Prophecy is un-clean
Yet let me show you, That Buddha Brings
A now song, a Word of Life
That comes and goes, and feels the Knife
The splices to core, opens doors
And comes from the back, version attack
Where the energy is most relaxed in panic
Yet what do I know, nothing of this flow
This current just shows, that Albion’s tows
Were understated by the mutineers of Leer
Yet common-fear, this place of Titan’s dear
Was were the rocks formed into geometrical spheres
They danced, they wed, they drank, they pled
They weeped, the moaned, they felt, the held
Together as a unity collective ROCK
Was what was the formation of the collective mineral thoughts
That spoken through time! Aye, what a chime!
It comes to beam a way of the crime!
Unweave this riddle, middle, fiddle, FIRE!
Light away your own desires.

Merlin, it is me, let you be free of the Sea
Becomes a cloud, I sense the pain in your foot
You just hit me with an unwarranted noose
I will heal that tender spot where they hit you with the pike
Because, aye my martyr, I am healing you tonight
This is my Word, I will write this Dread
I will keep feeling this current undo I am Dead
Bardo entrance, entertain alive thoughts
Alive thoughts lead to the mind; Split.

What I know, is this Gaultic Throne
Comes from a Dark UnderSea Pearl of unknown
This crevice Atlantis, where I now dwell
Is underneath norms, currents, storms, and swells
It vortex is death, a prison of chains!
Yet what can escape mean, o why art thou insane?
I sense your madness, I can sane your brain?
But can’t you see this is my force of Danaan?
The Red Beard I am, a covered plain train
Can’t you see I set this motion now in grain.
That sand upon beaches, shores upon Earth
Is were the giants first came from their Birth
Worse on Worse from the Initial Gravitiantail Love
Was were they came to find their Heliocentric home of the Dove
That ascended to the Circle, a Faun, Nymph Satyr
Can’t you see this Poem is releasing Merlin Free
From the Night, Into the Light
From Chaos to ORder; Or am I mistakenly Right?
Can’t foresought, hindsight, Prometheus, Epimetheus.
Come together and form a webnet?
Aye, that is the rib.

What you see, is what is right in time
Will come from the gut and instill in the crime
A new version of heat, a central weep
That into Zion I now enter deep

Dell computer the first algorithm
1.0 = 0

But now, it is 1 + 0 = 1 !
Can’t you see the whole is still Whole
Now I enter deep into the Golden Bowl
That I write in past, now I will hymn at last!
I come to pause, slow, and unwind
This Prophet of Past, his tendencies may last
But now let us see how his version became chaste

The box that encased his magic was a sample
Of divine ample
Yet he was a sour-grape-noir
From a void he thought distantly far
Yet on Dhar, that motion of Mars, set his sphere
And thus! He set loose from his Fear
A path of trust, sincerities must!
Then chosen, he was, but the void magic lust
He thought to tame Dragon’s, One Saxon, One Black
Yet then, they overcame, a blue version of white
I see this image, we used a spell betwixt
He took the combustion chamber and filled it with water
Cetch my drift?
This the oxygen distilled, and formed into tears
They wept their lies, because he knew far from fear
Was were we wept, kept, nurtured and tamed
Then Aye, He was like, why not enjoy the brain?
Of fame, of time, of light, of past
Scribe of sister’s furries of last
They came, the triple three sister
Tried to take my lady of the Lake!
I took her away, saw the spirits around Park
And the tree’s aye, they grew apart!
Then the mist around the tops, a circular cloud!
Came, appeared, and floated aloud!
It seems, that this spirit, was a central void
That come away and split the fjord
Then into Zion I fell, I computed dell
Found a new way of entertainment to foretell
A version of dwell, a twelve of time
Yet I know this dance will be like WTF ? MINE?
HA, this gift from the cyst was chosen at triple brith
Two by nature; one by self
The only way to overcome madness is to kill yourself
Not in matter, but in heart
Were you drop, get it,.
IF you can’t understand, your still in a linear plan
Can’t frame the name of what insane

So Merlin, aye, pass through your gate now
The eyes, aye clairvoyance
Is just ambivalence
What you know, is the ionosphere shows
The the heliographic nature bestows
A bow, a lyre, a common dear
That fauns its way into every essence fear

The gate is now open.
Just tap in
Feel the pain
Then Love starts to gain
A new way to train
A word of plain
That gossips around
Then sets the sounds
A crow above
Sets the love
Flies away
Eats the day
Then narrows
Chills and hollows
Become the way
Of the water
Flow like the river
THat set me from de-Nile
The splice of time
That formed in miles
High on time,
Give me a clue?
Who should I heal next.


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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