Death Epic

Death surrounds, scars, blood, tangling arms

around the depth, destruction wages cold

as an Iceberg pierces as a Sword

so does thyne will abode the Word

I can see, the fate of death

catalysts parasitic breathes

pushing middle-way

tension bandage

like an over-edge suspension

The cliffs down the rocks of time

Mineral thoughts inclined in crime

like stoned Apostles fleeting hope

Yet Saul destroyed the rope

To take, to nil, to common-instill

to void, to perish, to fourth density willed

the times are coming when the fights

will explode into nuclear sites

the days will wage

the pages will sage

the rampart of carnage will destroy the way

yet those who are light

those of the blight

this in the fold

those who are warm

not cold

to those freezing still

surrender your will

become like a full source of delight

into savagery dendrites complicate heights

into the naked eye I now see

a black eternity

if we follow black death

so will the breath

but if living warriors surround the eclectic

then the living will trance and forget

yet many mansions I am gonna roam

as I sing myself into this song of homes

what nil to them is blue to red

yet what weds is killing the mend

yet bows like gravity sacrileges wedge

performs the arrow to hit the mark

but what befalls man is what is inside

it is like a prize that mystique keep quiet

I am now 11, the double one

no split of self, just 2 unconscious ones

but that can break into two

do to the slew

of primordial sausage carrot stew

but what I sense in this time rare and contriving

is the all particles dance like Words and Io-beams

like ionic templates for gravitons wake

I current stay and feel that this tone stakes

the wedding of my being, mind heart soul

let this unfold the story that is long begotten sold

O yes, Titans, Leer, the holding cells

Where principles of Tao where forming minerals

but the franks felt like they had no choice

but to clear the Druids of their voice

yes, I am here again

This is the Arch Druid Dian

I am a master heightened awareness plan

that comes to save you from this land

my looks will kill

my eyes will steal

my Truth is Death

Merlin is Real

No body simply put, but arrogant ways

Always wish the flight of arrows to save

those under shell

those living in hell

those who sight to behold the swell

but now I know the epic verse

will continue until I am done and cursed

out of my mind, into my being

were ample time slows and cleans

I feel that this is a time to mourn

live like a matyr before your gown

for if you anoint the oils of surrender

then your bow will become one with the sender

for if you know, then you know not

that all is living on this plot

plots and riddles, tons and dance

sight and justice and trance

I see the rolls of fields where the horses lie

four particle contortions like the opening slide

death, abandon the river heats

I am alone in my feat

so empty yet full

Aether bring whole

but I am a death walking warrior king bone

yet wizards help give the gizzard some fun

but taming your dragon must be done

Draconian from the times before

in the dark element figure four

but astral realms came to be

and now I can see

that no mind is images in action free

so what I pierce

is geometric forms

that arise into congruences norms

disordered is the forms

of all the shape sand norms

yet order still, nothing of thought

gives light and justice and stoves the pot

that keeps the dragon waiting at bay

with claws of silver and beating ways

yet green is this one

nor sight red shall suffice

only white to heal the land of blight

but if I say all this

you think I’m mad

but I am writing solo from my inward lad

that was fun now here we go

the battle will begin below

I see fires of arrows

casting lances perch

boats and rivers

oils the hurts

tanks and missiles

global arms race

facts of destruction

create the waste

lands upon time

time upon lands

but I know this is glorious hymned man

so keeping writing as I go deeper

into my soul’s abysmal feature

the perching slow agents of time

black men sublime

yet I can see they travel fast

linear guessing black orbs RM stance

y can guess at you

can you guess at me?

Trance out, warrior free

Slicing every tactic with words of power

yet slowing I am drained on this hour

last page of this, only writing wish

give me a chance to create a gift


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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