Silent I poise myself into a fashion wave

that forms along that which saves…

Current graves, death of men

planned this was forgone by-when

sacred oaks, humbled like shivering frost

that is cold, yet subtle along the crux

many years I’ve waited, to Arch In again

but formula’s restricted my ancestral man

light! Time in destruction, destruction of time!

Crime upon Crime since Caesar willed sublime!

He took to us, in the rings,

lightning Jupiter; swords do sting

Yet Apollo raised us up, we ascended high

Bard’s know magic; that whispering fern’s guise

yet as shifting out and in; within the fin

They hallowed a steep within the dynamics

and finally, the land ceased and managed

to flow into itself; capsuled by to much strength

along another ripple wave length

yes, I am nothing, nobody, not a thing

that is why I rhythm rhyme to the ringing slings

purity is no debased holding

for doth the single mustard said contain

all the fragrance of pedals preordained?

Each thorn on a Rose

Each prickle on the Gross

yet as time slowly happens fast

I enter into a transient blast

COME, aye my brethren

LIGHT is ample to destruction

GLASS we all come to reduction

ENERGY forms we are Coven

Yet as a phoenix rises like Hector’s sight

the bloody rampage of Troy is to the Heart’s flight

Into Words, rhythm faster and more beautiful

as I see the woman I love inside

Her name is the Lake, a Soul of my confide

Were her Truth resides within mine…

Back again, sperm cell plan

for in this way the middle gland

see’s itself, but see’s the time=line evolved

for I can remote view any situational clauses

Now that is old invisible technology

transporting with mind so intently

that is why low frequency in slow times

entertain the biggest blast I can online

yet sublime times crime align with Lions

Who hunger at this Daniel am I growling

yet no, yet yes, since typical Dians attest

that disorder moves to Harmony, Peace, and Guests

Who sneak in, this ain’t the one above

Who is in this mind of Love?

As below

So above

Dove’s fly to heaven

And so does Love


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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