Fear of Depths

O fear, o fear, the depths core dell

hell upon hell; folded foretold

that quells the arrows of time

along this and that

yours and mine

so subtle verse constricting to the flow

yet flux a dynamic constant sorrow

why was I, the way I fell

Into oblivion, compartment of wells

The first cauldron was of Stew

The second was gobs of glue

Pasting me down, around a Prison’s gate

hate blackness supporting my state

yet overcome, tortured slings configured

I slew the dragon, I crossed the River

Flaming death upon my Soul was twixt

an eternity in hell, a perished gift

yet sorrow, knowledge, trust deep ways

was were my Being came to understand plays

patterns death hope’s chapel mind

yet kindness never bestows; its a backward climb

into chaos, infinite first

yet Order



No Curse

Yet still foretelling am I to you?
Can’t you feel the wisdom clue?

Nothing is apparent

the abyss shine’s my waves

facing self upon the eyes daze

I am vast

I am sorrow

I am distrusting my own hollow

Isness is We

I is Narcissistic

the child runs through meadows freely

planting his feed along the circle’s will

but nothing comes home, just a standard death

a breath upon sanctification of sorrow

but what I know I that the unknown

come’s and figures the light is shown

deep down in the center

I feel Zion construct a mentor

But what do I know

things of here

things of there

things of past when why and hair?

Spliced frames of visual pain

disturbing lights scene of tethering

but can’t you see, oblivion was faced

I am alive more then a static fuzz

but the death of all vaporized is under the glove

the middle is both end and beginning

what a joke to the high and the low class living

one knows that, the other knows this

now find a place inside you gift

know you are, you are what you seek

but seeking searches back when your weak

look to the sky

look into the Earth

Dig through your mantle and construct what hurts

for when you die

to ashes and dust thee perish

and forms in stars to continue cherished

yet the form of spirits along this Son searching journey

is like finding a key in the chambers of glory

so as I end

find a bow the sends

you to another

love a friend

be at peace

Natmaste end


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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