Amen Adonia

Souls wound tithes come

letters pass by, unnoticed

yet years, minutes


even all that was

I see it before me

Laid out in the split…


This path I only walk alone

Rock Solid Core to the Stone

Humbled by a passing River

Once you put your feet in

The wetness plethora’s

Into sensation’s cold years

frozen icy wave’s patterned clear

throughout eternity’s fear

Walk softly and sing a sweet melody?

What I hold, what I command

Is that nothing, this is; that is land

Complain senses grand among bands

Yet Chorus’s note silent grasps the hours

Of veiled torture

Slings of vultures

Worse of Culture

Like Troy is Surrendering Free

Let me summon my might

Fight my own Word

Split the Fjord

Carve new Waters

Brace new Seas

Hold justice and shine eternally

But o, so cold the misery I would walk

But greater the cost of Lies talk?

Sudden so cold the ambient flow

like ghosts arriving to harvest sown

so like this lying dying crying halt-screen

is so as it is, but the music schemes

like harmony Order doth happen crimes

were season on season thou harvest time

but what I know is this facet sorrow

comes tomorrow like a blow

flow and death, grace a test

the battlefield is alive and attest

glory of before! Aye, my magic comes

Aiding me now more then over I intend

As above so below

Harmony of seeds of sorrow sow

Like justice bends the bow

Now Apollo swiftly Hermes glow

in thoughts they race

by the human trace

golden faces

upon the golden Child

For years I found myself

but I now reveal nothing in particular

just a common flow that is like


but hold on what do I say in this verse inept

I come from a land retake

Deep forsaken I will find

Misery depths in clear my mind

What comes and ends

I wish to bend

I will shoot new arrows

and lets see who sends

me to another place

words will die

lies will try

to run like a devils might

but I feel like this trance is now in effect

the glory of light shining upon my judgment

this day has come

what have a brought to know this upon me

but it seems appellant in reality

that the fatality of self would consume all

I have no will, no control

surrendering to all that takes hold

but what does this prison box show me

that intention can arise inwardly

then come outward, advance the plane

give insane to the brain of the membrane

but these lands common to people

is like a shift in the tectonic plate steeple

as I run and walk fast in this talk

I know that the motion is thought

I am in another world, you follow me now

we travel light patterns now

the years will come when I will move on

see that you wished that ash you wished strong

I should just be, allow my rage to allow

you to see how death walks aloud

but ambient forces covet ancient ties

to bloodline fluids and glorious prize

but I deny and walk a new path

let m see who is inside this mask

o yes, deep Chance I revel at time

like a current making my sent online

my white dove accent flies in notes

along the Aether that promotes

me to a higher calling afloat

the boat of time in coastal reach

let me come to this place in reach

I sing my song like it is only a part of me

but I know sometimes it is version free

like this episode I sing to you tonight

I reap upon the ambit light

but albeit the love has passed by

what do I do but keep on the die?

It seems to more I surrender

the worse it gets

Murphy law in total effect

like Job prison-ed so such I suffer

but why do I know I am Hades other?

That is no offer but seamless guise

other then LuciHermes glorious size

what I do know is red and white make one

but anger is fueled to light the veils one

as end meets end

so I mend

total my current



About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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