Million Laws

Dark shadows during light’s time

craft unwoven from the crime

spells unfold betwixt the hollow

like a frost nova below

the circumference of the shied

that held light towards darkness’s seal

aye, the battle! Dragons war of Red

Currents labyrinth; well of dread

walking in the cyst

I can see visions admist

the wool fabric conical

is where I shift upon the fold

Harrow, burrow, lyre and muse

infuse my Chance, let Wizard’s Rule

For seldom time’s we were throne down

All along the various sounds

But music! Music I do say

is like a Harmony years away

But Adrest! Jupiter cannot free

due to lightning Oak show deities

forming this what and which

that which and who

Removed all before nothing was adieu

channeling energy of the past

is the way to see the present

harnessing the future in the present

is being past the present moment

so as I say, the cold nova

it was like an ice-lance along the spine

shivering all glory divine!

Crown exploding

Vision’s of horses remolding

light beams and structure unfolding

to more forms of astral song

yet every beach moves along

to the tide, the current, the ample side noise

for in this ride, all we got is the toys

That applicative this to that

further removing one from the hat

back to the battle! Can’t you see

the veil underneath my being

And yet the Sea within me!

Deep glories of center stories

Within each prose I relate in gore

so as I bore I see the plane of my love

purple lilies of splendor and Doves

yet each embrace shifts me into a higher form

and as an Owl I am watching what rules the storm

for when the time comes to know that which is

I can’t help know what moment that gives

rewrite the song

old beat new seat

current feat

out of weight

but dead baits

logo’s fate

black gates

relating mates

absorbing hate

like densities wake

in the make

what the Tao shakes

like a retake

lets go

The shields and faces of many warriors

come to the stairs and travel down the tunnel

into the deep of the hold

I can see the shining orb held by the wizard

it is like the million years of fissures

then I come

two knights and a mage

current saves

but I know the source of red

is fighting me

so current hot spiraling around

like sounds upon sound it comes around

then I see and reflected through me

I s like a million particles of the sea

then I saw I went and came by

now I am never gonna die

for immortal is la long lost joke

now I will keep on this solo toke

I sense the warriors race through the grace

the elect surpass

but the moment of how is what when I

But like this all, we gonna die

or fry or bake to high a stake

due to the warrior image of the great

the Eagle comes and holds like a steady way

but I know it is the falcon that takes my days away

for now I am and beating fast

I see rooms of millions past

but future of now can be held in then

and I can come and take you around the bend

So when I see this time coming through

I like to take it for a clue

now I am in session

what do you want

I am flowing with a style and grunt

what I stunt is like a branch and tree

growing so ever free

then flying around

taking match as perch

then flying through the aether as seeds and birch

comes like a figure of divine dance

and my eyes closed reveal the stance

but I know this form of solo mining

is never gonna be seen giving

since many words all like a dance

so many things I could alter in my chance

but what I know is this is something that is gonna come in cool

and then rush over you like a million forces of twirl

pulling you together

inside your weather

and then coming down like a feather

gravity bane

I am insane

but I rap like I am the brain

going random inept to the beat

but yo this rap game is the feat

I can’t solo hymn without my own clause

for why not tell a story as part of my laws?


About up2quark

I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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