X = 1

Time is a divine conception that arises in humans due to Natural Law and Order. Time although, makes man a slave to his own. His slavery comes to what he owns and what owns him, time, the essence of all his “things”, is corrupted by man. In saying this, we can conclude that all upon Earth is relative to change. All things on Earth work within Natural Law to support the hypothesis that action is required in all physical moments to allow for the work of Nature to unfold. Yet, all things in Heaven are given as a Service to the Being. The things within Earth are unable, again, due to unnatural law, to support the conclusion that all things without are unable to communicate with Self.

Nothing can be blamed upon the Self in Heaven, for the Self is in a pure state of awareness then. On this plane, we must realize that pulling back is the gravity of what Earth dwells upon; the ability to not surrender. Mortal frames of reality are subject to the things that are within the mortal frame but also things beyond in the realm of infinity (immortal reference) and allows us to see around the area of our mind. The seeds of the mind are not always flourishing, but to pick out the weeds within which is being sown allows for all that which can grow to become expressed. These seeds within the essence allows us to see the dissoluble Body, the first dissolves from the vulture of culture, while the second is from the DNA/RNA sequence passed down in genes from death or family. In a body of Eternity, the reason that develops the cage is a DNA activation. When the body (arch-type) dissolves, the form becomes greater yet lesser as the whole becomes a part of itself again.

Physical matter can be perpetrated into Knowledge, corruption and generation while Eternal Essence is Self like Self.

Due to the fact that man corrupts, he leaves corruption for the next man, so the next man continues his corruption until all is absolutely corrupt. Due to that fact of the beginning of corruption, man is corruption itself, finding corruption within and without due to the initial state of peace, for to know one, thou must know the other.

Any form that creates a form is the form of another form.

Some forms exist in body, other forms exist in Ideas. Things that require action to work are in the Body and not in the Idea. Those who are of divine essence to not work with those who are of this. Yet an immortal body can take over a mortal body but a mortal body cannot become immortal unless open to receiving the immortal state due to Grace.

Upward distention to up as down, from the right as the left. Nothing we do on Earth can properly give us what we need in Heaven, yet what is in Heaven can always give to us on Earth. Heaven works within immortal bodies while corruption (Earth) works without. Without is the cause of our brutish and animal instinctive behavior, while Heaven states that man must move to a state of Reason beyond the critique of rational thought but logical formation. All things that are on Earth have been placed upon it by the Creator, yet all things in Heaven already are, so there is nothing in Heaven to do, other then to wait for forms to arise to Earth for us to become. Purashu is the first element, as Heaven was the first state of all things, an initial state of Divine Order (providence). And as all other elements require the first element, so such does all things require or need a service to Divine Order.

Money creates disorder, those who have money are not in the realm of Order. Those with nothing have the most because the renounce what is for what is present. For to live in the Idol operation of making and surviving, we must see that all comes to us in Divine Order.

God is Divine Order, being that Divine Order consists of unalterable Good (light). Man is the form of God in essence yet is an unchangeable evil upon the planet which is positive. We where here second, not first, so we must respect all that was before us. Fate is what rules over all men.

Archetypal forms exists before the infinite beginning. All things where concluded by the Grand Architect and has been in seed for eternity.

If thou wants to see Order, Look at the Course of the Stars. Each Stars contains a map unto itself and a galaxy that forms upon it. Those each man is but a Star in his own reality, facing all that which is around him in the sense of a “solar system archetype pattern”. Order becomes still in number and place. In form and placement of reality Order becomes a still notion of present action. All these notions must be measured with a Maker in-mind, for no order can be made by disorder or a rate that is not proportional.

Will creates the ability to see The Father of All, remaining pregnant with form. For all things that are are God and all things that are not are hidden in God’s mystery. All is none and none is All.

Good can only be see through the lens of Good, if one is in a state that is relative to Good then the music of harrows will be played.

Essence only contains Good. All good has evil that is proportional to good, for things that are only a little evil are still considered good…Hard rationality. It is all for the Good of God. Yet corruption can be filled with regeneration, yet not all things heal and some wounds scar without opening up.

The wheel of life needs inertia to keep the cyclic Nature of Life apparent. Yet the Force of Nature is always enacted by a greater force upon itself, hence to say that the force of one mass must be greater than the force of another mass to begin motion. All motion is dependent upon gravity and as gravity moves or implodes the motion, it rests upon itself while moving to the next relative destination.

God > Essence > Substance > All Divine

God cannot understand himself yet all Humans can appreciate his plan. The operation of the Universe always evolves through the potential of motion, leading to rest that the ability of stillness is still motion yet compounded and impressed into strings upon itself. A puppet play.

Counter-motion, or a counter-clockwise is in duality to motion and clockwise procedure. The motion each offer resistance to each other hence two cones expressing out from a point in opposite directions.

In essence, the sphere of motion will be turning in a specific spin and eventually the ring-rays will connect and allow the stillness of that first motion and then thus the second motion begins from beginning to end, repeating the cyclic nature in seven rays. Yet each motion is arbitrary to relativity.

Relativity can be seen as motion and counter-motion in essence to a specific loci. If the motion is opposed by a counter-motion then the resistance of the Greater motion will still prevail over the lesser motion. Each inertia is moved by something and that is nature resuming motion in time due to the velocity of each ring expressing itself as an expansion of time.

The truest absolute emptiness is “that which is not” while our Reality exists in “that which is” and is also different then to existence and being. Things have the potential to be empty yet are always full by Aether(air/spirit).

Time exists incorporeal (spiritual). The mind and reason allow us to see how Time exists. Yet things which are wholly comprehend able b y themselves allow for different aspects of Beings to flow through. Yet God is that which is all the things that exists above and below yet is also each of use and all of existence that is potential existence and realizing itself through the Awareness of a Full Whole Being. The Cause is the root of God’s Mind. The cause is God, his light is the effect. And as God is Good, so we much know that greatness of reason and spiritual nature are the cause and root of the realization of God to which what who is all. God is good due to Nature, yet he bestows his wish of heaven to those who tread lightly.

God is Good because he gives all things yet receives nothing.

Trinity of the Mind :

  1. God and All
  2. God, Eternity, the World, generation and Time
  3. The world and all in (2)

Trinity Substance



  1. Wisdom(manna)

Triplets formed due to Trinity:

Eternity (Is in God) : 1. Identity (Immortality)

          1. Selfness (Long-Lasting)
          2. Now (Permanence)

Time : 1. Change (Augmented)

          1. Opinion (Diminution)
          2. Life (Existent)

World : (Order) 1. Peace (growth)

              1. Harmony (Order)
              2. Balance (Half Life)

Generations : 1. Birth (qualities)

              1. Life
              2. Death

God’s main purpose in our existence in human form is to allow us to see that the Mind and Soul are the abodes of all that is Divine, and we must keep pure our divine lense that captures Unity through Life and a Natural Order of what is Right.

Leading to the above operation.

Eternity is in God and the World is in Eternity. Time is in the World so there is Time in Eternity, Each generation is of time and so heaven and the World begin to shine due to Eternity standing around God’s presence. The eternity in that which is around God allows our World to move through Time and Generations and become foundational in the spring root of Gods Word.

All generations of light become one under the rays of all existence. By seeing existence with the lenses of perception, we can realize that the process of life is unity of light with the Suns of reality.

Men are mortal beings becoming immortal. Immortal beings are beings who wish to incarnate as mortal beings.

Life creates a Soul, where there is life, there thus is a Soul, and in Life, there is a Mind, so the Mind is in Life in and of the soul.

Animals a void of reason and operations of the Mind, yet Life gives them an opportunity to realize the potential of the mind through the making of that which is around it. The Soul due to life creates the passion and the realization that there is pain and pleasure, bad and good, darkness and light. Yet many things reveal that darkness is needed for Light to become and Light needs to dissolve so to darkness it be-goes. Things such in Light are Good, such as Delight, yet many things are Evil by Sorrow and Grief of the existential cycles. The Soul cries when the Mind pulls itself out of Pleasure, thus creating sorrow and pain within the being cycles in Reality.

The greatest sin of the Soul is to admit there is no Creator, for with our soul, our Mind, and the body complex we reside in during our system’s stay, we can see that the Good is God, and thus God is good to those in Light.

Those who negate the Mind also Negate Life, hence the episodes of Life will interfere with the path of what is. Yet, the Brutus nature of the mind is a negative of Life, for it is backwards evolution throughout time. You cannot create disorder our of Order yet each being has its own placement in the path of life. The Soul for some people is only a co-operation within, yet outside the consciousness may evolve due to the genii of what is. Any brute is never satisfied, they are beasts of their own nature. They are angry for the lack of nature and reason within and around them, yet the never cease and are only satisfied with their own evil.

The exceeding evils of life are anger without warrant, such as anger towards desires and desire-less anger.

All things that are done are done by Fate; Tathagata.

If one does evil, thou will suffer. If one does evil, the other cheek will receive evil. If one goes for another eye, the plank will but you out into the chaos of the sea. For he did it, so he must suffer for what he did. Brutes are beasts who keep anger and lack of compassion within themselves and never deal with it in an assertive right. They tend to only release the temptation of light into the darkness of self. Yet each self is rational to all mind, and the mind rules many things but it is not free from evil, for it can still suffer-evil. Yet realizing the evil one can become light to the subject to what is.

To begin to ask the question of Evil, the rational man Will See Evil, yet those who lack the insight will negate any religious or conceptual arresting statement to what is rational. For reason and spirit are not Evil, yet are based upon what is Good, so once One see’s that Good is God, then you will appreciate the all Light is Good and God’s Light shines in the rational man. The Mind of each being may capture them in that time of evil, good, or Grey. Its just the matter of stating what goes against reason, if a man kills another, it leaves no reason for life to be. So if one see’s that life is always to give, then the necessity to kill is negated, and the will of Love overflows into the happenstance of things. And all things exist in Power that constitutes wisdom to the user. The things that are in power are the Act and Eternity.

The play gives us rise to the next step in Life, Eternity, and that is where we are graced with the placement of our life within the system that we are addressing in the state of what goes on.

A good mind is that which works for man, yet a manifestation of a negative mind shows that what is can be evil within the statement that going against Good Reason is Evil.
The Mind of God rules over all things of Fate and Eternity. For God is the Mind of all things that are, and all things that which exist are God, so all things are the Mind of God existing through his Image, or perception, as each Image is like a mirror reflection or image that goes through the grains of sand.

Lower states are passion. Passion interferes with the mind as one needs to let go. Yet many passions are beasts that are brute in themselves. The Mind is also a passion, and it conforms to the pattern of passions. So lower states are passionate affairs of the mind that the surrender of self is not in a state of Let Go.

Everything that moves is Spirit, and everything that is moved by spirit is the Body (matter). The force of the Matter moves Mind into the reaction due to the Spirit. Motion in this state is passion and potential, and moves through states of ruling and ruled existences until the motion is complete.

Being free from the desires of the body is being wise from passion; allowing one to see the Mind and step back and relax into all moments. Passion is an act that suffers, realization holds still.

All things in spirit do not work, for what is in spirit is already done. They are just apparent to those who can see. Yet to see is to be fully apart of your “me”. Mind and Reason are the benefactors of immortality. If one focus’s on his nothing, his state will become like that of the Immortals.

Voice is what existence uses through the medium of man, yet speech is only recognized by Man, All beings including lower life and understand voice, yet speech lacks itself unless a state of pattern is developed.

Soul in Body
Mind in Soul
Word/Speech/Reason in Mind

Soul is Logos

Body is a Temple

All in God

Imagination is the Word in the Mind. And in the Body/Idea which is in the Soul is God; each Is an Idea of the Soul.

In essence, the empty space of the lowest form is filled with Air, Air is within the Soul fielding the electric magnetic field in different directions, also expanding the boundary with new knowledge. And smallest part of the Air is the Mind of the Air, and the smallest Mind is the Soul in which God resides.

Air is around Matter, Matter is an Idea of God, God resides in all things.

All things in Order of Matter include the Need, Nature and Love of the medium of man.

Each person is the essence of their persona, yet each persona is not of the essence, as not all beings exist within time. One Universe is Many things, just like One can be 3, the Whole Universe is Infinite Trinity Affinity. Each Body has a geometric Number. Without numbers there is no progress or regression within life, there is no reaction to the opposite reaction. The equilibrium of space.

Numbers of form become and dissolve, the number is relative to the Word, yet the Word is a coded message while a Number is a situational synchronicity of seeing. Yet all Matter is One so all digits root in the form of

X = 1

Serving as one to God’s will is like being united with the fullness and richness that grows in life. All things are living things, even the Earth. Life is the suchness of life and there is nothing dead within life, only shifting forms or dimensions. Compounded bodies can dissolve into different form because they break or splice apart into different digits.

What is unmovable in the Universe? Nothing. Nothing is always alone and always stable, it is the root of 0, and is the emptiness in All things, with nothing but nothing. The dissolution of all things residing in that state where there is absolutely zero reference to anything form. And whatever changes form is to do motion succeeding or receding.

The Mind is Immortal because it resides within and without of God’s essence and presence. For God is a the Higher call to the ranger on the floor.

All things come from the Oaks, they are the ancient wisdom of the Library. For God is the Act and Power, the Play and the Force acting upon each Wheel. For in the Whole of the Whole, nothing is not God. For the Whole is Through All and About All, and the suchness of Reality consumes and creates God.

The Prophecy is the Fill the Bowl with all things, and become a cry-er or proclaimers..

This is the Holy Grail of Wisdom. For you Received my Mind, now I receive Above, so Below may have method to madness.

Some beliefs state man was born for Pleasures and Desires, yet some men work the greatest esteem of nothing. The state of this is the Works becoming Immortal and man remaining Mortal, yet once seen always clean.

What above in Heaven is 24 thrones, each giving me access to the 24 branches of wisdom, yet only 12 hubs and a duality so two sides of the coin mean 24 coins of kings. Each Gold a branch of the Gaia of what is; Love.

The Cup is always Divine.

For the Cup is always full of what you know.
For what you don’t know will reveal through Divinity.
Thus the Cup is Wisdom revealed through Divine Ways

Good is never meant to be transcended, it is meant to be bounded and infinite, no knowledge or knowledge present, just an undetermined beginning of all sentimental statements.

Things which appear not for one perceive are hard to believe due to the Other perceiving. For Good hides in things that appear, yet things that remain extremely poignant are Evil.

The Root of Disorder Order is Dislike or Like. Yet the difference between like and dislike is that dislike or disorder always wants a part of Order. All things are in the Root of a beginning, and that is the revelation of what you Like, or Order. The Beginning is Infinite in All forms and Things. All things that are can be shaped into different forms, forms outer are imperfect, and can be divided, increased, or diminished.
When one is perfect, nothing affects the state.


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I rest with silence and awareness; believing in hope for a brighter future, I feel compelled to write any words that excite me in the spontaneous moments in life! So this is my work; hope you enjoy my musings.
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